Four Top Reasons to Seek Well Pump Repair in Brooksville, FL

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Well pumps can go out for any number of reasons, but there are several “usual suspects” a professional will check for when it comes to servicing your pump. Like other mechanical devices, pumps are subject to the follies of aging parts, corrosion and electrical problems that can and will occur over time. Sometimes, these problems are easy to fix, but they should always be tended to by a professional to prevent them from turning into larger issues.

Simply put, you should always rely on a professional when it comes to servicing your well or pump. Here are the top reasons for needing well pump repair in Brooksville, FL.

Aging parts

Like any other machine that sees regular use, your well pump will need repairs at some point. On average, a pump lasts about a decade, but sometimes small maintenance issues will need to be addressed. Things like worn seals and broken pipes will happen, but you should be able to generally rely on your pump for many years.

In more mercurial environments—where winters dip well below freezing and summers sizzle—you should think more about how weather might be affecting your pump. Winters can burst pipes and summer can cause machinery to struggle and overheat. Regular seasonal inspections can help to ensure the harshest of winters and hottest of summers don’t leave you without a functioning well.

Poorly made

Depending on whether your well is self- or professionally installed, you might experience issues with how the well is made. While the do-it-yourself spirit is generally encouraged, wells should be left to the pros. So often, people who design and build their own wells simply don’t have the overall knowledge to take all of the important factors into account. Simply buying and installing a powerful pump might give you the output you need, but depending on the setup, you might also be overworking the pump or wasting energy.


If you’ve ever looked at an older car in a coastal environment, you likely noticed rust and corrosion on the body. Like that coastal environment with the salty sea air, the pH of your water or chemicals in the soil can cause piping and machinery to corrode more quickly. Things like fertilizers, pesticides and natural chemicals can cause damage to your well and its components. Corrosion can have a widespread effect on your well, so it is important to have it serviced and inspected regularly.

Electrical problems

Water wells powered by electricity have the potential to fall victim to electrical failures, whether due to a storm-related power outage or human error. A total power failure or power surge is likely to put your well pump out of commission, so be sure to check the state of your well following a home electrical outage.
If you rely on a water well, it’s best to be prepared for a breakdown. In a cool storage area, keep enough fresh bottled water for drinking, light cleaning and filling the toilet tank. Contact Advanced Pump & Well Service when you need well pump repair in Brooksville, FL. We have over 60 years of experience in the industry and are ready to help you!

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