Common Irrigation Problems You Should Know About

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Watering your lawn, crops and fields can quickly become expensive when your irrigation or sprinkler system is outdated. Old or improperly-maintained systems can waste a lot more water than you think, resulting in deep watering, evaporation and water runoff—plus root rot and other plant damage. If your irrigation system is causing problems in Hillsborough County, FL, check out these common irrigation problems and how to fix them—or call the professionals at Advanced Pump & Well Service for help. Sprinkler head problems Sprinkler heads can be sensitive pieces of equipment, but they’re also some of the easiest problems to fix: Broken... View Article

How Shallow Water Wells Will Affect Your Pump Choice

February 18, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

One of the main considerations you’ll need to take into account when selecting a pump for your well is the depth of the well. In general, the deeper the well, the more likely you’re going to want to opt for a submersible pump. However, shallow water wells in Hillsborough County, FL are much more likely to feature jet pumps. What exactly is considered a “deep” or “shallow” well? This depends on how high the water table in your area sits. A higher water table will make it significantly easier to access water for your home than a much lower water... View Article

What You Should Know While Choosing a Submersible Pump

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If you don’t live in a moderately dense urban area, your home will likely have to have its own system for drawing water from a well. There are more than 15 million households in the United States that rely on private wells, and well pumps are necessary for bringing that water to the surface. There are a couple main types of pumps: jet pumps and submersible pumps. Jet pumps must be filled with water before they begin working, and are mounted above the wells, drawing water to the surface through a suction process. They create pressure with an impeller that... View Article