How Shallow Water Wells Will Affect Your Pump Choice

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One of the main considerations you’ll need to take into account when selecting a pump for your well is the depth of the well. In general, the deeper the well, the more likely you’re going to want to opt for a submersible pump. However, shallow water wells in Hillsborough County, FL are much more likely to feature jet pumps.

What exactly is considered a “deep” or “shallow” well? This depends on how high the water table in your area sits. A higher water table will make it significantly easier to access water for your home than a much lower water table, which would require you to create a correspondingly deeper well.

Generally, well experts recommend that if the depth is less than 25 feet, you should use a shallow well jet pump. If it’s between 25 and 110 feet deep, you should use a deep well jet pump. If it’s 25 to 400 feet deep, you should use a submersible pump. There are varying schools of thought regarding what to do in that 25- to 110-foot range, but past 110 feet, you should absolutely opt for a submersible pump.

The use of jet pump systems in shallow wells

The best system to use when you’re in need of a shallow well pump is a single drop jet pump system in Hillsborough County, FL. This type of pump features a one-way check valve that ensures pumps stay constantly primed. In this system, the pump sits above the ground rather than below ground, drawing water through an inlet pipe. There are few maintenance requirements for this type of system because its mechanics are so simple and straightforward.

Jet pumps get mounted above wells and use a suction process to pull water up to the surface. The total height that water can be lifted depends on the weight of the air; a suction pump will generally be limited to about 25 feet, hence the above guidelines for types of well pumps based on depth. Air pressure will vary a bit depending on elevation, but that 25-foot guideline is pretty consistent no matter where you’re located.

Jet pumps use an impeller to move water through a small orifice or jet mounted in the well housing in front of the impeller. When the jet constricts, the speed of the water moving through the system increases. When the water leaves the jet, a vacuum sucks up any additional water from the well. That water then combines with the drive water being pumped to the surface, and it all discharges into the home at the appropriate pressure.

The pumps must be filled with water before they will be able to work. There are one-way check valves that must be installed along with the system that prevent water from flowing back down into the well from the home.

For more information about the operation of these types of jet pump systems for shallow wells, we encourage you to contact Advanced Pump & Well Service today about the use of shallow water wells in Hillsborough County, FL. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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