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Troubleshooting Irrigation Problems and How We Do It

March 14, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Irrigation has been around for millennia, and the technology has improved significantly over time—but as with any mechanical system, there are bound to be issues at some point. Some problems you can avoid by conducting regular inspections and maintenance, while others are surprises—tree roots, heavy impact and other external factors can cause major issues. When our customers call us to troubleshoot irrigation problems in Hillsborough County, FL, we have a few areas we regularly check. Here’s an overview of our process: Is it hydraulic or electric? Most irrigation problems fall into one of these two categories, so we test to... View Article

Common Irrigation Problems You Should Know About

February 29, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Watering your lawn, crops and fields can quickly become expensive when your irrigation or sprinkler system is outdated. Old or improperly-maintained systems can waste a lot more water than you think, resulting in deep watering, evaporation and water runoff—plus root rot and other plant damage. If your irrigation system is causing problems in Hillsborough County, FL, check out these common irrigation problems and how to fix them—or call the professionals at Advanced Pump & Well Service for help. Sprinkler head problems Sprinkler heads can be sensitive pieces of equipment, but they’re also some of the easiest problems to fix: Broken... View Article

Common Issues That Arise with Irrigation Systems in Hillsborough County, FL

April 2, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Irrigation systems in Hillsborough County, FL can be highly convenient and beneficial, because they automate all the steps you need to take to keep your grass, plants, flowers and other landscaping elements healthy all year round. However, like with any system that has mechanical elements, it will require some routine maintenance from time to time to make sure it stays in good condition and avoids some of the most common issues that arise with these types of systems. Here are just a few examples of some of those issues that you would do well to avoid: Inefficient sprinklers: An inefficient... View Article

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