Troubleshooting Irrigation Problems and How We Do It

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Irrigation has been around for millennia, and the technology has improved significantly over time—but as with any mechanical system, there are bound to be issues at some point. Some problems you can avoid by conducting regular inspections and maintenance, while others are surprises—tree roots, heavy impact and other external factors can cause major issues. When our customers call us to troubleshoot irrigation problems in Hillsborough County, FL, we have a few areas we regularly check. Here’s an overview of our process:

  • Is it hydraulic or electric? Most irrigation problems fall into one of these two categories, so we test to see if we can narrow it down to one of these broad areas.
  • Is it a water pressure issue? If you’re having trouble with your water pressure, we look for leaks in the sprinkler line—water coming up from the ground, a row of heads that won’t spray or extremely wet soil. If there’s no leak, then it might be an issue with the water pressure in general, which can be solved by making adjustments or getting a booster.
  • Are there trees and plants nearby? Sometimes tree and plant roots can choke out a sprinkler system over time. This can damage the pipes and sometimes reduce the water pressure significantly.
  • Is an entire zone not working? This could be an electrical problem. Each sprinkler system has a series of “zones” that are controlled by different system valves. The valves are activated electrically, so if an entire zone goes down, you will likely need electrical repair. Alternatively, you may have a blown fuse or an issue with the transformer. If it’s not an electrical problem, we’ll check your sprinkler heads to see if those are the issue.
  • Are there other electrical issues? Sometimes your system won’t turn on at all, thanks to timer or wiring issues. Corrosion is a major problem, along with poor connections.

Identifying your irrigation issues in Hillsborough County, FL can be obvious to a professional—but more often than not, it takes a little trial and error to get to the root of the problem. This is especially true when your sprinkler system is buried beneath the ground. It’s harder to spot leaks when you have to dig up the pipes to find them.

Generally, however, an irrigation professional will be able to identify the problem by asking you about or observing the answers to the questions above. Once spotted, many repairs are easier to complete than you might imagine. It’s always smart to call a professional for the fastest results possible.

Get help troubleshooting irrigation issues in Hillsborough County, FL

Advanced Pump & Well Service is also Hillsborough County’s irrigation and sprinkler expert. We can handle systems in industrial, commercial and residential capacities and of all sizes. Whether you’re having issues with your water pressure, timers, sprinkler heads or leaks, our team can handle the problem quickly and affordably. Call us 24/7 to schedule emergency or regular maintenance visits. We look forward to helping you!

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