Five Advantages of Having a Water Filtration System

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Installing a water filtration system in your home is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your wallet, health and overall quality of life. If you’re considering installing a water filtration system, but aren’t yet sure, allow us to try to convince you! Here are five of the greatest advantages of installing a home water filtration system.

Save money (and the environment)

If you or your city have issues with contaminants in your water—a far more wide-spread issue than you might think, affecting relatively wealthy cities like Portland and not just poorer cities like Flint, Michigan—you’ve likely been buying bottled water, or perhaps you’ve been trying to get all the filtered water you need from one of those filtered water jugs. Installing a full-system water filter will make your life much easier, save you tons of money on bottled water and will, additionally, keep non-biodegradable plastic from entering our landfills. It’s a win-win for you and the environment!

Additionally, water filtration in Hillsborough County, FL removes calcium and heavy metals from your water, meaning it does not leave deposits in your pipes, sinks, washer, dishwasher or toilets. Over time, this means fewer clogged pipes and fewer visits from the plumber.

Healthier, better tasting water

A home filtration system removes chemicals and detergents, bacteria and heavy metals. These contaminants can cause a variety of liver, skin and gut issues. Removing them from your water will result in an increase in health and energy.

Purified water is better for your skin

Purified water is better on your skin. When your skin is irritated, any added irritants in your water are going to make the problem worse. Purified, soft water removes more oil, better removes soap (leaving less scum behind) and does not irritate your skin like hard water.

You and your clothes will get cleaner in the wash

Soft water removes detergents far better than hard water. This means that everything you wash—your hands, your dishes, your clothes—will get cleaner with filtered water than with unfiltered.

Be more independent

A well and a good water filtration system can make you and your home far more independent. You won’t be reliant on your local city’s or town’s water system, and you’ll know that no matter what happens you and your family will always have access to good clean water.

Learn more about water filtration in Hillsborough County, FL

If you’re interested in having a water filtration system installed in your home, we congratulate you. There’s almost no single upgrade you can make to your home that will have as large or as immediate an effect on your overall quality of life as installing a high-quality water filtration system. As you can see, you’ll be healthier, have more energy and face far fewer issues with your plumbing with a good water filtration system. Give us a call today and ask about our favorite systems, and let’s get you set up with a water filtration system as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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