Is Your Irrigation System Ready for Summer?

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While it feel like spring only just started, summer will be here before we know it. And with the change of the seasons come heat and the need to water our lawns to keep the grass healthy and green. Like many homeowners, you probably have a springtime to-do list—make sure this list includes a thorough sprinkler inspection and irrigation repair in Hillsborough County, FL! Should you know of or suspect an issue with your irrigation system, do your best to fix it before the summer. Call a professional sprinkler technician for your more complicated repair needs.

If you have a home sprinkler system, then there are some common problems to look out for. Locate and do something about these problems before summer arrives to prevent a gap in watering your lawn on the hottest days of the season:

  • Leakage when sprinklers are off: Most modern-day sprinkler systems are automatic, but some people still use manual on/off keys. Either way, all the sprinkler nozzles should stop sending out water soon after the system turns off. Before summer arrives, test out your system by turning it on for a few minutes, then shut it off and walk around your yard, inspecting all the nozzles. If you notice one or more nozzles leaking water after the system is turned off, there could be an issue with the control valve. You’ll need an irrigation technician to make repairs.
  • Sprinkler still watering after system is off: So, your sprinkler system has been shut off, yet one sprinkler head continues to water the yard. This could be a scheduling mistake with he controller; however, it’s just as likely to be a mechanical error. Shut off the controller and see if that solves the problem. If not, shut off your property’s water main and call a sprinkler repair company immediately.
  • Buried water leak: You may know you have a leaky sprinkler because of obvious puddles, sunken spots or soggy ground around your yard, but you don’t see water coming from any of the sprinkler heads. This could indicate a leak in an irrigation pipe buried underground. Run your sprinkler and look around for flowing, seeping or bubbling water, and poke the ground in search of soft soil to confirm your suspicions.
  • Clogged nozzles: Before summer gets here, watch your irrigation system in action. A sprinkler head that fails to spray properly may be damaged, loose or clogged. Shut off the system and, using a screwdriver, carefully remove the head in question. Rinse well to remove stuck dirt or other debris, then reattach. Hopefully this takes care of the problem.
  • Heads are too high or low: A rather common sprinkler problem is directly related to improper sprinkler head height. A head that is positioned too low may not spray properly, which could result in flooding around that area of the sprinkler system. Set too high, it is likely to be taken out by the lawn mower. Fixing improper head height requires digging.

Don’t put off irrigation repair in Hillsborough County, FL until summer. Call the team at Advanced Pump & Well Service today for all your sprinkler needs!

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