Make Sure Your Sprinklers Are Summer-Ready!

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The grass is green and the sky is blue—summer must be here! Proper watering is crucial to keeping your lawn looking lush and vibrant this season. The extended daylight hours and the brutal rays of the sun can take a toll on the grass, leaving it looking dead, dry and ugly. Functioning sprinklers are key to having a great looking lawn during the summer. Unfortunately, a cracked pipe or a broken sprinkler head can turn into quite the expense and even compromise your lawn. That’s why it’s a great idea to make sure your sprinklers are summer-ready early before the sweltering Florida heat really sets in.

Follow these tips from Advanced Pump & Well Service to get your sprinklers ready for summer:

  • Check for wear and tear: Winter is like an extended vacation for a sprinkler system. Most homeowners don’t need to use the sprinklers from October to March. That all changes when spring starts. The sprinklers are suddenly running constantly to help the new grass take root in the ground. The start of summer is the perfect time to check the functionality and flow of the parts. Call a professional for sprinkler repair in Hillsborough County, FL if you notice any worn pieces. This could include cracked pipes, loose solenoids or any other parts that may have taken a beating during the spring.
  • Replace any broken sprinkler heads: A broken sprinkler head can happen by accident. It can easily break if it’s run over by a lawn mower or crushed. The damaged head can leak water unnoticed for months. An intact sprinkler head should pop up when turned on and spray water only in the designated direction. If that doesn’t happen, it’s time to call a specialist for sprinkler repair in Hillsborough County, FL.
  • Remove clogs: A sprinkler head can’t work properly if it’s clogged with dirt, debris and plant roots. Check each sprinkler thoroughly to ensure it’s free of all debris. This will help keep dry spots from developing.
  • Check for pressure surges: A surge in water pressure can cause some serious problems for your grass, as well as for your sprinkler system. A quick, unexpected pressure increase can overpower a weakened pipe or valve. Switch the water on gradually to avoid shocking the system. Barely turn the valve to the open position and wait to hear the water moving. Then, the water should sound quiet before it’s turned on the rest of the way. This simple precaution will help you avoid a costly sprinkler repair in Hillsborough County, FL.

Regular sprinkler maintenance and repair is crucial to keeping the system running smoothly throughout both the summer and the rest of the year. We recommend having your sprinkler system inspected by one of our expert technicians early in the season. They will be able to note any problem areas before making the necessary repairs. This will help prevent any unexpected breakdowns and costly emergency repair appointments. Call Advanced Pump & Well Service today to schedule your pre-summer sprinkler inspection!

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