The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Submersible Water Pump in Hillsborough County, FL

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In some regions, well water can be incredibly deep down below the surface. This is especially true in mountainous or arid regions of the United States. This can make it quite difficult for people to access their clean water. Fortunately, submersible water pumps allow water to be pumped up from hundreds of feet below the surface.

The benefits of these submersible pumps are numerous. They last for a long time (usually two to three decades), require relatively little maintenance and are designed to be pretty energy efficient. They are also quiet, because they operate far underground.

Of course, there’s still always the chance that the pump will break down, or at least stop working as efficiently. If this happens, you lose water to your home. This means it’s important to be on top of your maintenance to ensure you avoid expensive repairs.

Here’s some information about keeping your submersible water pump in Hillsborough County, FL in great condition.

Detecting early warning signs

Because your pump is buried below the surface, you need to use non-visual means to be able to tell when it’s starting to fail.

The most obvious symptom is a lack of water coming from your faucets and fixtures. There could very well be other issues causing this, but your first step should be to make sure the circuit breaker to the pump is switched on. If it’s not, flip it on and see if it works. If the breaker is still on, the problem could be with a pressure switch on the storage tank, which you’ll need to have a professional look at.

If the problem occurs in the summer months, it could be the result of a low water table. See if you can resolve the issue by not using water for a few hours before turning the water back on and trying the pump out again. If this works, the well just needed to replenish its water supply. The water table will rise and fall with the seasons, but a good way to mitigate this is to put the pump farther down into the well.

If the water from the well starts to look muddy or cloudy, this will mean there is sediment in the well where you’re drawing water. Pumping this water for even a short amount of time can cause significant damage to the pumping system, because this sediment is corrosive. Again, you can resolve the issue by pushing the pump farther into the well. If lowering the pump doesn’t resolve the issue, you will likely have to drill an entirely new well.

Finally, water that sputters out of a faucet could be the result of a failing pump, as could a dramatically increasing electrical bill.

There really isn’t much maintenance you can do yourself as a homeowner to keep your pump operating properly—the problems that do occur tend to happen far down in the well. However, you can keep your well in great shape by scheduling well inspections once a year or so, which will help you keep everything running smoothly. For more information about submersible water pumps in Hillsborough County, FL, contact Advanced Pump & Well Service today.

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