Understanding the Well Drilling Process

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Whether you need to install a well on a new property that you’re developing or you need to replace an existing well, you may be anxious about the actual well drilling process. While drilling a well is certainly not an easy feat, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By understanding a little bit more about what to expect from well drilling in Hillsborough County, FL, you can be better prepared for your project.

Planning a project

Before you can actually drill your well, you’ll have to do a little bit of planning. First things first, you need to find a reputable well drilling contractor to help you out. You can find a well contractor by searching online, but make sure you take plenty of time to read through reviews and reach out to references so that you can adequately vet the contractor you’re considering.

Usually, your contractor will come out to your property and start to map out the project. This consultation gives them a chance to better understand the scope of the project and allows them to give you an informed quote. They will identify a location for your well that’s near your home or the structure that it will be supplying water to. The location for your well must also be big and flat enough to accommodate the machinery that’s used for drilling.

Well drilling

After establishing a preliminary plan for well drilling in Hillsborough County, FL, it’s important to secure all of the necessary permits for work to proceed. In most cases, a well drilling contractor will be able to help you get the permits that you need and walk you through the process to ensure the compliance of your project. Once everything is ready, your contractor will use a method called dual rotary drilling to establish a hole for your well pipe. During this kind of drilling, a large drill bit hollows out a cylindrical hold in the ground that’s sized to fit the pipe casing for your well. As it goes, it will draw earth up and out of the hole.

Next, your well pipe casing will be lowered into the hole. The purpose of this casing is to protect your well components and prevent damage from shifting earth. If there’s a space between your well casing and the earth around it, grout might be applied to further protect your well. Next, a well pump will be installed and your contractor will get everything set up so that your structure can have access to clean, fresh well water.

Learn more about well drilling in Hillsborough County, FL

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