Understanding How Well Water in Hillsborough County, FL Works

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In the United States, about 13 million households rely on wells to supply their homes with clean, fresh water for drinking, bathing, cooking and cleaning. Even though so many homes are connected to water wells, however, lots of people aren’t quite sure how water well systems work.

The truth is that water well systems are more complex, reliable, safe and consistent than a lot of people realize. Understanding a little bit more about how well water systems work can give you a little bit more appreciation for this form of water collection.

Groundwater Basics

When you think of major water supplies, you might consider rivers, lakes and streams, but these surface water sources don’t account for all of the water that Americans use. In fact, nearly 50 percent of the United States population gets its water from groundwater, and much of that population gets its water from a well.

Groundwater is an abundant natural resource that makes up 95 percent of the world’s freshwater, not including ice caps. When it rains or snows, that water filters into the earth through a series of soils and sediments and collects in openings and cracks in bedrock. The aquifers that groundwater collects in are renewable and are replenished over time through precipitation and other surface water movement.

Well Water Retrieval

Wells are designed to tap into underground aquifers and supply homes and businesses with groundwater. Today, most wells are dug using heavy machinery that bores a hole into the ground to access a deposit of groundwater. After the hole is dug, a PVC casing is set into the hole which prevents the hole from caving in and protects the various components of the well. The casing also contains a well pump that pumps water to the surface through pipes. The water intake pipe has a screen at the bottom that filters out large pieces of debris from the water when it is pumped to the surface.

After a well has been established, the well owner must maintain it with ongoing maintenance and service. It’s critical for well owners to conduct regular testing of their well water to ensure it is clean and free of contaminants. Well pumps also require regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep them operating efficiently.

It’s best to work with a professional technician who specializes in well service. A professional will be able to clearly identify potential issues with your well and provide any necessary repairs. You should have a consistent maintenance schedule for your well system and call a professional as-needed for additional services and repairs.

Get Familiar With Well Water in Hillsborough County, FL

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