Important Water Well Maintenance Tips for Winter

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Staying on top of your water well maintenance is crucial at all times of the year, but this is especially the case during the winter, as the colder weather can make operating the well a little more difficult. By keeping up with your preventative maintenance, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of a breakdown and the expensive repairs that come with it.

A sizable percentage of people in the United States use private wells as their primary drinking source. Because you do not have the municipality to rely on with regard to maintenance of your water system, you must be proactive with keeping your well in good condition.

Here are a few tips about keeping your water system in Hillsborough County, FL in good condition all year long, including in the winter:

  • Be careful what you put in the well: You must keep hazardous materials as far away from your well water as possible. Remember, this is water you’re drinking! Paint, fertilizer, oils, pesticides, manure, etc. should all be kept clear of your well. If you have a septic system, keep it far away from where your well is located so no type of accident occurs. It’s also a good idea to keep the well separated from any other buildings you have on your property. There are some regulations you need to follow with such spacing anyway, but it can be helpful to exceed those regulations.
  • Check your well cover: We recommend homeowners with wells check on their well cover every couple of months or so, just to make sure it’s in good condition and is working properly. A failure to take care of your well cover could result in your well being exposed to pollutants and debris, resulting in unsanitary well water conditions. This is especially important if you’re mowing the lawn near your well or keep tools or equipment close to your well location—you should avoid accidental damage to the well cover at all costs, and never, ever pile anything on top of the well, even including yard waste or snow.
  • Monitor changes to the water: If you start to notice the water coming from your well is different than it’s been in the past, make sure to take action immediately and contact a service professional so you can nip the problem in the bud.
  • Conduct maintenance checks at least once a year: An inspection of your well should include a flow test, tests of pump motor performance, pressure tank contact and water quality. Having these inspections done each year helps you to get a sense of the health of your well and if there are any repairs needed.
  • Always work with a professional: Never attempt to service your own well. If there’s anything wrong, or even if you’re just doing preventative maintenance, make sure you hire a professional certified in well maintenance to handle the tasks for you. You don’t want to risk making things worse (and more expensive to fix).

For more information about maintaining your water system in Hillsborough County, FL during the winter, contact the team at Advanced Pump & Well Service today.

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