Common Issues That Arise with Irrigation Systems in Hillsborough County, FL

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Irrigation systems in Hillsborough County, FL can be highly convenient and beneficial, because they automate all the steps you need to take to keep your grass, plants, flowers and other landscaping elements healthy all year round. However, like with any system that has mechanical elements, it will require some routine maintenance from time to time to make sure it stays in good condition and avoids some of the most common issues that arise with these types of systems.

Here are just a few examples of some of those issues that you would do well to avoid:

  • Inefficient sprinklers: An inefficient sprinkler system can result in a lot of wasted water, with some areas not getting enough coverage. Any design you create for an irrigation system should focus on watering the right places, watering as evenly as possible and scheduling the irrigation at proper times throughout the day, spacing them out appropriately. All three of these issues, when properly dealt with, will result in a more efficient sprinkler system.
  • Broken equipment: The most common areas where equipment breaks in sprinkler systems are at the sprinkler head, the valve box and the main and lateral lines. Broken equipment can be a cause of leaks, which means water will not be used efficiently and runoff can start to occur on your property, which can damage your landscape. Broken heads are the easiest to repair—it takes a bit more work and skill to repair broken valves, lateral and main lines, so be sure to call in a professional if you believe one of those to be the issue.
  • Misaligned equipment: Over time, sprinkler heads can start to settle and tilt due to soil compaction, foot traffic and lawn care. This can cause uneven water distribution and runoff. You might also notice sunken heads (sprinklers settling down too far due to soil compaction), which can cause uneven distribution of water and runoff. Fortunately, these problems are fairly simple for most homeowners to fix themselves.
  • Mixed zones: A mixed zone is an area in which both rotor and fixed spray heads operate together. However, this creates areas that have different operating pressures. If the time or pressure is correct for one type in the zone, it’ll be wrong for the other type of zone. The result will be either an overly dry or overly wet area. To avoid this issue, never mix rotor and spray heads in the same zones, and always use the same head when replacing.
  • Blocked heads: Sprinkler heads may get blocked due to overgrowth of vegetation, changes to the landscape or poor head placement. In this scenario, water does not reach the intended area and can cause uneven sprays and dead grass areas. To fix, trim back overgrown vegetation, move the head to a better location or remove the head altogether.

For more information about some of the most common issues with irrigation systems in Hillsborough County, FL, contact the team at Advanced Pump & Well Service today with any questions or concerns.

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