How to Size a Submersible Water Pump in Hillsborough County, FL

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For outdoor projects requiring water flow, a submersible water pump in Hillsborough County, FL is a popular and useful choice. Not only do wells use them, but they’re commonly found in ponds, water gardens, fountains, waterfalls and other lawn features with spouts. Submersible pumps are economic ways to circulate water in ponds and other lawn features. Not only are they fully submersed in water and completely free of noise, but they can be used to drain ponds as well. For any project, it’s important to size your pump correctly. Here’s a closer look at some of the common recommendations to follow when sizing your submersible water pump:

  • Well capacity: One of the most obvious measurements you need to size your water pump is the capacity of your well or other water project. The larger the well, the greater the requirements for the pump. However, modifications sometimes can be made to the pump to correct insufficient water capacity.
  • Performance curve: It’s important to achieve a balance within the manufacturer’s parameters of operation on the pump. There should be optimal efficiency specifications indicated by the manufacturer, and the pump should be sized to function within those specifications, also known as the manufacturer’s “performance curve.”
  • Water velocity: You should be able to measure the velocity of the water that will be flowing past the motor of the pump. There are certain cooling regulations demanded by the pump and flow requirements. If the flow is not sufficient to meet the cooling regulations, you’ll need to install a flow inducer.
  • Water temperature: Water temperature is important if pumping very hot water, and you’ll need a rated motor horsepower when pumping at certain elevated temperatures.
  • Pumping level: Another important sizing specification is the pumping level. You should be able to perform tests in order to determine the draw down and pumping level for the pump.
  • Friction loss: Friction loss is calculated based on the pipe size and runs as well as the flow rate, which is taken into account when sizing your water pump.
  • Total dynamic head: You’ll need the TDH maximum and minimum for sizing your submersible water pump in Hillsborough, FL.

The importance of sizing your water pump correctly

The correct sizing of your submersible water pump is necessary for a properly operating system. The pumping capacity and total head of the pump form the engineering curve, which needs to be in balance in order to operate successfully. If the pump is undersized, there is too much head against it. If it’s oversized, there is too little head against it. Achieving the optimal balance is essential to its functioning. If you’re having problems sizing your pump, you may need to talk to a well water professional, as they’ll be able to guide you in your submersible water pump sizing in Hillsborough, FL. If you’re interested in gaining insight or assistance with your outdoor well or water project, contact the team at Advanced Pump & Well Service today. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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