Watering Tips for a Lush Lawn

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Your lawn is likely the pride of your property. A rich, green and lush lawn shows the world how much you care about your living space, and allows you to demonstrate the amount of care and attention to detail that you exercise over your property.

When you have an outstanding lawn in your front yard, it can elevate your property values and provide you with an excellent space to host friends and family members throughout the summer barbecue season.

It isn’t always easy to create a lush lawn, however. The key to successfully cultivating a lawn that your neighbors envy rests in both reliable, measured and consistent watering practices, as well as routine mowing and fertilization.

If you’re struggling to create a lawn that is in line with your high expectations, you may want to consider reaching out to a company specializing in sprinkler repair in Hillsborough County, FL. Working with a trusted sprinkler and pump repair professional can help you ensure that your lawn has the accurate, measured watering necessary to provide it with a deep, healthy root system and a vibrant, green glow.

Here are just some of the steps that you can take to make your lawn look excellent, and set your property apart from others in your neighborhood:

  • Elevate yellow patches: If there are any yellow patches on your yard, they don’t necessarily indicate fungal growths or mold. Before you go out and purchase a fungicide, try to add some soil and elevate the yellow patch of grass. If grass is exposed to standing water, it may begin to die or rot.
  • Make sure to hit dry patches: All sprinkler systems will have one or two areas that they routinely miss. Make sure to hand-water any areas that are out of reach for your sprinkler system, or talk to a sprinkler repair professional to learn more about ways to upgrade your system to achieve more ground cover.
  • Water early in the morning: When you water your lawn in the morning, you’re washing off dew, which may carry airborne mold and disease spores that could potentially damage your lawn. Additionally, there’s less airflow and evaporation in the early morning, so you’re using your water more efficiently.
  • Mulch clippings: Each time that you mow your lawn, don’t throw the clippings away directly into the trash bin. Instead, mulch some of the clippings over your lawn using a rake. This will help you improve moisture retention, and as the clippings decompose, they’ll provide the grass with valuable nutrients.

Since 1956, Advanced Pump & Well Service has been one of the premier providers of sprinkler repair in Hillsborough County, FL. We’re proud to provide our clients with a wide range of high-quality water filtration systems, submersible well pumps, pool equipment and so much more. We are among the region’s most trusted companies specializing in water pumps and filtration. Regardless of whether you’re looking for sprinkler repair or are hoping to install a new well pump on your property, you can count on Advanced Pump & Well Service to meet your needs.

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