Six Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Sump Pump

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How is your sump pump performing? Has it seen better days? If you’re struggling to get good results from your sump pump, it might be time to replace it. But how do you know when this machine is at the end of its life? When do you need to repair, and when do you need to say goodbye? Your pump repair service in Hillsborough County, FL can help.

If you think it might be time to replace your sump pump, look for the following indicators. These red flags are signs that you should call your pump repair service in Hillsborough County, FL to order a new sump pump:

  • Noises: Sump pumps are never silent, but the noises they do make should be predictable. Are you hearing strange sounds coming from your sump pump? Listen for rattling or grinding noises. If your sump pump seems to be making excessive noise, this could indicate damaged or worn components. It may have a jammed impeller or other issues that should be repaired right away.
  • Age: How old is your sump pump? These machines don’t live forever, and a typical lifespan is about seven years. If your pump has reached this age, it’s a good idea to go ahead and replace it. You’ve probably gotten all the life out of it that you can.
  • Failure: Certain issues can cause your sump pump’s motor to fail. If the unit is getting power but still won’t run, it could have an internal electrical problem. If the pump became clogged due to ice in the drain hose or other debris, the motor may have burned out. If your motor has failed, contact your local pump repair service in Hillsborough County, FL to order a new sump pump.
  • Rust: The presence of rust on your sump pump could be due to corroded battery terminals. It could also indicate the presence of bacteria. These rust issues can cause your pump to malfunction, and they can also cause problems with your water flow. If you discover a rusted-out sump pump, it’s probably time to replace it.
  • Irregularity: Does your pump frequently cycle on and off? You may need to adjust the float switch or repair a short in the electrical system. Consult with your pump repair service in Hillsborough County, FL to determine what is causing the irregular cycling. These experts can determine if a simple repair is required or if it is time to replace your sump pump.
  • Vibrations: Does your entire sump pump wobble and vibrate? If the impeller is damaged, this will cause the entire unit to become unbalanced. The bent impeller puts stress on the entire system. If this part is damaged, it’s usually best to replace the sump pump.

Repair or Replace?

Have you noticed these warning signs that it’s time to replace your sump pump? Give the team at Advanced Pump & Well Service a call. With in-depth knowledge of all makes and models of sump pumps, we can quickly determine the issue and make recommendations for repairs or replacement.

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