Well Water Safety Dos and Don’ts

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Do you know how to properly maintain your well for optimal results? Taking the proper steps is necessary to keep your water safe and healthy. With just a few simple measures, you can prevent damage to your well and avoid water contamination. Use the following tips from your well drilling contractor in Hillsborough County, FL to keep your well in top shape:

  • Landscaping: The exterior surroundings of your well are just as important as the interior. Always keep the top of your well at a minimum of 12 inches above the ground. This will prevent surface water from entering your well. As you landscape the area around your well, be sure to slope the ground away from the well. This keeps water from pooling around the casing and contaminating your system. Always keep the area around your well free of debris such as leaves and snow to prevent damage to your well.
  • Location: Protect your well and its water by keeping it far from potential contaminants. Chemical storage tanks, septic tanks and oil tanks should be placed a minimum of 100 feet away. If you plan to use hazardous materials such as fertilizer, weed killer or paint, keep these far from your well. Never dump hazardous waste near your well. Lastly, if you have a septic tank, pump it regularly to avoid contamination of your groundwater if the tank overflows.
  • License: Partner with a licensed well drilling contractor in Hillsborough County, FL to regularly inspect and test your well and water. To keep your well clean and productive, disinfect it regularly. Be careful not to over-chlorinate it. Your well contractor can help you determine what levels are appropriate. Then, at least once a year, test your well water for contaminants. If you discover any concerns, work with your contractor to take the appropriate steps to cleanse your water source and restore your well to top function.
  • Look: As you work to keep your well in good condition, keep an eye out for signs of issues. If you notice any change in your water, contact your well drilling contractor in Hillsborough County, FL right away. A new odor, a change in color or issues with your laundry or fixtures indicate a problem with your water, and it should be tested as soon as possible. If the water is cloudy or otherwise discolored, do not consume it. Look for these signs of trouble and don’t hesitate to contact your contractor to fix the issue.

Keep Your Well Water Safe

Would you like more tips on well water maintenance? Do you need a reliable source of information and support to help you properly maintain your well? Contact the licensed professionals at Advanced Pump & Well Service. Our specialists provide service for all models of wells and pumps, including 24-hour emergency service. We are committed to serving you with top-quality workmanship that you can count on to keep your well in top condition. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your next maintenance service.

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