Avoid These Common Irrigation Errors

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Do you use an irrigation system to keep your residential or commercial property looking lush? These systems can be great for maintaining a lawn. However, irrigation systems are often misused. This results in poor irrigation and an unhealthy landscape. It can also cause damage to the system. Your local specialists in well water pumps in Hillsborough County, FL have seen a few common mistakes over the years.

Following is a list of the most common irrigation errors. Use this as a guide to avoid making these mistakes and protect your property from unnecessary damage.

Using different types of irrigation heads on the same zone

Different irrigation heads provide different coverages. For example, one nozzle may deliver coverage between 0.10 and 0.25 inches per hour, while another spray provides a rate of 1.35 to 2.15 inches per hour. If you place these two heads in the same zone, you’re wasting resources. You’ll have to run the zone longer to apply enough water to the drier area, and you’ll overwater the higher-output area. Always keep your irrigation heads consistent for every zone.

Installing irrigation heads at improper intervals

The manufacturer recommends specific distances between heads. Don’t try to install these at greater distances to reduce the cost of operation, maintenance or installation. You’ll only end up spending more, because you’ll be using the system in a method for which it was not designed. You won’t get good coverage, and you’ll put extra stress on the system.

Failing to differentiate irrigation methods for planter beds and grass areas

Trees, ground covers and shrubs have large root systems. They need far less water than your grass. Always irrigate shrub and planter beds separately from your grass areas. If you don’t, you’re simply wasting water on the plant areas, and you may drown some plants in an effort to get enough water to your grass.

Wasting water with overspray

If you install an irrigation head in a method that sprays water onto a driveway, sidewalk or other non-landscaped area, you are wasting more water than you think. It might seem like minimal overspray, but it quickly adds up over the season. Always place heads carefully so as to not waste any resources.

Skipping the rain shutoff option

How often have you seen an irrigation system running in the rain? A setting to prevent the system from running during or after adequate amounts of rain is worth the minor investment. It’s a simple device that usually pays for itself in one to two seasons.

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