Signs It’s Time for Irrigation Repair in Hillsborough County, FL

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The easiest way to ensure you have the best-looking lawn on the block is to install a sprinkler and irrigation system to give your grass, trees, flowers and shrubs the water they need, when they need it. Though these systems are built to last, they can run into some issues that necessitate irrigation repair in Hillsborough County, FL. This post will teach you a few of the signs that it’s time to call a professional to fix your system:

  • Uneven watering: Your system should deliver equal amounts of water to all the areas on your property. If you notice pools of water in some areas or dry patches in others, this could be a sign that the sprinkler heads are misaligned or there’s an issue with a valve. You may be able to adjust a head on your own, but it’s generally a good idea to call a pro to correct any issues with your system.
  • Loss of pressure: Your plants and grass depend on a sprinkler system that has plenty of pressure to deliver water all across your property. Unfortunately, shifting pipes underground or issues with the controls can lead to a loss of this essential water pressure. Again, if you notice some parts of your grass are a bit dry, it’s best to call a professional to determine what’s the matter.
  • Sputtering heads: A sprinkler head that just spits out a little bit of water isn’t doing you a whole lot of good. This malfunction could be due to a crack or some debris caught in the head, or it could be a problem with the water pressure. Take a look to see if you can remove any debris from the head, and call a pro to inspect the system if you think the issue is with a valve or pressure control component.
  • Dipping control valves: One of the last things you want is a pool of water around your control valves. This is a sign of a leak somewhere in your system, and it should be addressed immediately. Don’t try tackling this yourself, as you may just make the issue worse.

Tips to preserve your irrigation system

The good news is that expensive irrigation repair in Hillsborough County, FL can be avoided with a few simple steps! Follow the advice below, and your system should work properly for years to come:

  • Install a rain sensor: Running your sprinkler system on a rainy day leads to unnecessary wear and tear and drives up your watering bill. Install a rain sensor to automatically shut your system off if there’s a rainstorm coming.
  • Hire pros for installation: The best way to ensure you have a properly-functioning sprinkler system is to hire a professional to install it on day one. Professional installation reduces the chances of problems occurring down the road.
  • Schedule annual maintenance: Keep that professional’s number handy, and call him at least once a year to inspect your system. A quick checkup can identify any potential problems before your system breaks down.

Whether you need irrigation repair in Hillsborough County, FL or you need to install a new sprinkler system, be sure to choose the team at Advanced Pump & Well Service. On top of fast response time, we offer all of our services at some of the most competitive rates in the area.

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