What You Should Know About Deep Well Pump Maintenance in Hillsborough County, FL

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If you have a well on your property, it is important for you to stay on top of your well pump maintenance. Deep well pump maintenance in particular is important not only for prolonging the life of the pump, but also to keep it in good condition so you can avoid unnecessarily expensive repairs or part replacements as much as possible. The deep well pump systems that you’ll most commonly find on the market today can be quite complex machines, but the maintenance tasks used to keep them in good condition are typically quite easy to handle.

Below we provide an overview of some of the more common types of maintenance tasks you can expect your well pumps to require. When you establish an ongoing maintenance agreement with your well pump contractor, make sure you cover all of these important issues for deep well pump maintenance in Hillsborough County, FL.

Visual inspection

The first step of any maintenance appointment should be to conduct a thorough visual inspection of all well systems. Some of the steps that should be included in your annual inspection include checking the pumping levels, the pump performance and the gallons per minute. This should all happen at least once per year.

We also recommend the use of a downhole water well television survey, which allows you to inspect the downhole conditions of the well and its casing. There should be an inspection of the well head to make sure the seal is sanitary and capable of preventing contamination of the water bearing formation. Finally, you should make sure you inspect all rotating parts on the internal well systems, including the impellers, bowl assembly, bowls and bowl shaft, plus equipment such as the submersible pump motor. Any water well technician will be able to include all of these tasks as part of your regular inspections and maintenance.

Flow tests

The next phase of any maintenance appointment should be a flow test. This test demonstrates the output of the system, which will allow you to ensure the system is running properly. If the test results appear to be outside the normal range, that could be indicative of a larger issue somewhere within the deep well pump, in the control system or in the pressure tank. You’ll also need to conduct tests of your electrical systems, pressure levels and motor performance.

Water test

Water from the well should be tested routinely for coliform bacteria and nitrates, as well as other types of contaminants. There are a number of tests that can be performed to find bacteria in the well—your technician can recommend the best tests for you to order. This helps you make sure the water coming from your well is clean and healthy to drink.

To learn more about deep well pump maintenance in Hillsborough County, FL and the steps you should take to keep your system in good condition, we encourage you to reach out to the expert team at Advanced Pump & Well Service today.

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