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If you’re considering buying a home with a water well, there are a few things you should know about new home water wells in Hillsborough County, FL. Use the following water well information in Hillsborough County, FL to educate yourself about these systems. These tips will help you decide if a property with a water well is a good choice or if you need to consider other options.


Find out everything you can about the water in the area. Keep in mind that groundwater is shared by large regions, so an issue with one home probably affects many others. Check with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency about any known water concerns in the area. If you are working with a real estate agent to buy a home, this professional may also be aware of any known water issues in the region.

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You should also learn about any regulations that govern the wells of the area. The seller of the home may be required to provide a well water test for you. In some areas, the buyer is responsible for this test. Your first step should be to determine where this responsibility lies. Then, make sure any testing that is completed adheres to local regulations and the results meet current standards.


More than one test should be conducted to ensure the water is of acceptable quality. The first test is for safety and purity. To complete this test, a sample from the tap will be sent to a lab to determine what the water contains. A report will be sent with details of what is found in the water. You should ask a professional to review the results of this test to determine if the levels of any elements found in the water are acceptable. Most tests include levels for pH, iron, copper, fluoride, calcium, manganese and chloride.

As part of your testing, you should also look for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These include gasoline compounds. They are materials that you definitely don’t want present in your water supply.

A third test you should conduct is a radon test. Since this is not usually included in the elements tested for in a standard water test, be sure to request that the lab add this to the results. Both old and new home water wells in Hillsborough County, FL may contain radon, so it’s important to check.


If you gather this water well information in Hillsborough County, FL and discover that there is an issue with the water supply, you can decide not to buy the home, look into options for drilling a new well or complete hydrofracking to change the water supply to the well.

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