Why It’s Smart to Filter Your Well Water

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Is your property’s water source a private well? If so, then water well filtering in Hillsborough County, FL is an important topic for you. A proper water filtration system is essential to maintain clean, healthy water for your residence or business. Here’s why:

  • Contamination: Over time, the well cap or wellhead is exposed to the elements and to shifting in the ground. Because of this, it can become cracked. When this happens, the cap can let contaminants into your water source. If the ground around the wellhead slopes toward the well, this problem can become even worse. Water well filtering in Hillsborough County, FL will clean the contaminants from the water that have made their way into your well.
  • Casing cracks: Similar to the potential contamination caused by a cracked well cap, your well may experience contamination if the casing develops cracks. While this casing is supposed to protect your well, it can become worn over time and start to crack. When this happens, it can allow contaminants to enter your water.
  • Chemicals: Activities that occur nearby can introduce chemicals into the groundwater. Farming often involves fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, all of which can create runoff that makes its way to your property. Even if you think you aren’t close to any farmland, your water could be affected as the runoff travels over and underground and seeps through cracks in your well. A water filtration system in Hillsborough County, FL will help protect you from this chemical contamination.
  • Improper disposal: Not everyone follows environmental regulations for the disposal of dangerous chemicals. Improper disposal of fuel, petroleum products and other hazardous materials can cause contamination of your water. Without a filtration system in place, you could leave yourself exposed to the dangers of these products.
  • Septic bacteria: If your own septic system or a neighbor’s septic system is not properly maintained, it can introduce bacteria to your water supply. If not filtered, these foreign bacteria can contaminate your water and cause serious side effects. Since you can never be sure if everyone around you is taking good care of their septic systems, it’s important to filter your well water.
  • Corrosion: The pipes in your water supply system may become corroded over time. If this happens, the pipes start to degrade, and the metallic debris can enter your water system. If the pipes are lead, this is especially dangerous. To prevent the consumption of these corroded pipes, invest in water well filtering in Hillsborough County, FL.

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