Why Does My Well Pump Run Nonstop?

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Normally, when your well pump turns on, you should hear a clicking noise when the pressure switch turns on and off. However, if you hear that pressure switch constantly turning on and off, even when no water is running in your house, you have a problem that requires professional help.

Here is an overview of the most common reasons why your well pump runs nonstop in Hillsborough County, FL, and how a well specialist will be able to solve the problem:

  • You have a constantly-running appliance or fixture: Even if you think you’re not running the water in your home, your sinks, toilets and faucets might have other ideas. Constantly-running toilets and other appliances demand a constant flow of water, which may be one reason your well pump keeps running nonstop in Hillsborough County, FL. If you suspect you might have a leaky fixture, this will likely require the help of a plumber.
  • The water level dropped: Water levels can drop without there being anything wrong with your well pump itself. For example, the local water table may have dropped, there may be a drought or your well can’t keep up with the increased demand. Call your local well contractor to have them check the pump, the water levels and the flow rate—if the flow rate is wrong for the current water level, your pump will continue to cycle on and off.
  • The pump’s pressure control switch isn’t working: Your well pump’s pressure control switch can cause issues as well. Sometimes the switch has worn out over time and needs to be replaced, while other times it’s simply a matter of cleaning the contacts and looking for clogs in the machinery. However, if the cut-out pressure was set above the well’s capacity, the pump will continue to run. A well specialist can check the switches and the cut-out pressure settings to determine whether those are the problem. At that point, they will either make adjustments or replace the switch.
  • The pump is broken: Of course, sometimes your pump is simply broken—all machinery has a finite lifespan, and eventually it will give out. This causes the well to cycle because it can’t create enough pressure.
  • Your well has a leak: If there’s a leak in your well or piping, the pump won’t be able to create enough pressure to raise the water. In turn, the pump won’t receive the signal that it can stop working. Call a well contractor to find out if this is the problem and get the necessary repairs done.

Water wells need regular inspection, maintenance and repair, just like any other household machinery and appliance. Make sure that you get in touch with a well specialist at the first sign of trouble—as soon as you notice your pump is running nonstop in Hillsborough County, FL, reach out to Advanced Pump & Well Service right away. We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with your well problems. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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