Why Is My Well Pump Pulsing Water?

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When your home’s water supply is fed by a well, you have to keep a careful eye on its functioning—the better you can identify the signs of problems, the more likely you’ll be able to troubleshoot them before they turn into something requiring a major repair.

One common problem well owners face is when their well starts pulsing water in Hillsborough County, FL. Have you ever turned on the faucet and noticed that your water pressure cycles from high to low every few seconds? That’s “pulsing,” and it usually has to do with a water pressure problem in the well itself. Here’s what to look for, and when to call a professional.

Why wells pulsate

Your well has a number of different moving parts, all of which need to be in good working order to deliver water from the ground to your home plumbing. When wells pulsate, it’s usually because there’s not enough water pressure in the well’s water tank.

Well water tanks have an internal air bladder, and an external electrical switch. When either or both of these components wear out, owners start noticing pulsing water going through their pipes. It’s not just inconvenient—it can damage your plumbing and fixtures if left unaddressed.

What to do if your well is pulsing

First, you need to check the air pressure in your water tank. You can do this by shutting off the electricity and draining the well for your safety. Grab a tire air pressure gauge and find the well’s air bladder valve—this will also look very similar to a tire air valve. The pressure gauge should read between 20 and 30 PSI. Next, experiment by adding and removing air from the bladder, then checking the PSI. If it remains in the 20 to 30 PSI range, the problem is not with your air bladder.

The smartest thing to do at this point is to call a reputable water well specialist in your area. Some well problems can be fixed yourself, but in general, we caution you to call an expert—when you’re dealing with something as serious and necessary as your drinking and bathing water, there’s no room for mistakes.

A well contractor will check your air bladder and electrical switch to determine which component is the problem, or if there’s something else causing your water well to pulsate in Hillsborough County, FL. They’ll check the terminals and contacts for dirt and debris, as well as look for clogs and other issues that could be causing the pump to malfunction.

In many cases, your pulsating water problem should be an easy, quick fix—but only if you catch it right away. The longer you let a pump pulsate, the more likely it is you’ll need to replace the pump, and potentially pipes and fixtures inside your home.

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