House Water Well Repair

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Is yours one of the millions of American households that relies on well water for its drinking, bathing and irrigation needs? There are plenty of advantages to getting your water straight from the ground, but when your well pump goes out, you could be without running water for hours or even days.

As soon as you notice a problem with your water well, call your local water well repair contractor. Some companies, like Advanced Pump & Well Service, offer 24/7 emergency well repair in Tampa, FL. After all, the less time you’re without clean running water, the sooner you can get back to the demands of your busy normal life.

Here are some signs you need well pump repair:

  • High electric bills: Summer tends to be an expensive time in Florida simply because we have to run the air conditioner more often, but if you notice an unrelated, sudden spike in your utility bills—especially when coupled with any of these other factors—your well pump could be to blame. When a pump constantly runs or has to work extra-hard to pump water to your home, it sucks up extra energy. Have a contractor come inspect your water well and see if that’s the reason for your spike.
  • Low water pressure: Low water pressure is the most obvious sign that there’s a problem with your well pump—creating the right amount of water pressure is your pump’s entire job. There could be any number of issues causing the problem, from aging parts to clogged filter screens. When your water pressure starts slowing down for no discernible reason, call your well repair contractor to thoroughly inspect the pump and hardware.
  • Air bubbles: Sometimes after a long vacation, on turning the water back on in your home, you might notice a little spurting and uneven flow. If that seems to be the problem, but you haven’t changed anything about your water usage recently, there are air bubbles in your water line. The water level could be too low, or it could be a problem with your water treatment equipment. You might also have faucets that aren’t compatible with your well pump—an expert can come inspect the equipment and let you know the source of the problem.
  • Water discoloration: No one wants to turn on the faucet and see brown water come out, but if your pump and casing system are damaged, other substances might be getting into your water. Dirt, mud, silt and debris can all infiltrate your well and well pump, causing the water to look dirty. Your well contractor can help pinpoint the cause of the discolored water and fix any issues with the pump.

Taking care of your well pump is the key to ensuring a clean supply of potable water all year long. Make sure that if you spot the signs of well pump problems, you take advantage of Advanced Pump & Well Service’s 24/7 emergency well repair service in Tampa, FL—call today to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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