How to Deal with Sputtering Water in a Faucet

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One of the more common problems people tend to call a plumber for is sputtering water in their faucet. While many people in Tampa, FL will just attribute the problem to air in the pipes and decide to ignore the phenomenon, there are circumstances in which the issue can be harmful and potentially degrade the quality of your plumbing infrastructure.

If you only have occasional faucet sputters, it’s probably not something you need to worry about. But if it’s a continuous or regular problem, there could be a more serious issue somewhere within your plumbing system. Here’s an overview of some of the checks you should make:

  • Aerator: The aerator is located on the tip of your faucet. Over time, it’s possible for debris or sediment to get inside and clog it up, which will cause sputtering when you turn on your faucet. The first step you should take when you notice sputtering at a faucet is to remove and clean the aerator. You should be able to get the aerator off the faucet by turning it counterclockwise. Wash with soap and water, then rinse it and put it back on and see if that resolves the problem. If not, you’ll need to perform some additional checks.
  • Valve cartridge: Another part of the faucet that could cause sputtering water in Tampa, FL is the valve cartridge. Following the instructions on your faucet’s owner’s manual, remove the valve cartridge and replace it with a new one to see if this resolves the problem. It’s highly recommended that you bring the old cartridge with you to the hardware store so you can make sure you get a proper match for the replacement part.
  • Plumbing lines: If neither of the above steps worked, there’s a possibility the air is actually located in your plumbing lines. This is also likely if you notice sputtering along with cloudy (but not colored) water. This is a result of air bubbles in the water, and can be more likely to occur during extreme temperatures. Flushing cold water taps can help to remove the air from the pipes, but if the issue is with more than one faucet, it could be a result of an issue with the plumbing lines coming into your home, or a break in a local water supply line. In such a case, your utility company would need to inspect the lines.
  • Water heater: Finally, there’s a possibility that sputtering water could be a result of issues with your water heater. While unlikely, there is a chance your hot water heater is overheating, and if you do not get repairs, it could result in the tank exploding. Again, the other issues above are much more likely, but this is still something to consider. Check your water heater temperature and make sure it’s within normal operating ranges.

An experienced well service can provide more information about the issues that could cause sputtering water in your taps in Tampa, FL and what you can do to resolve them. Get in touch with Advanced Pump & Well Service with any questions or concerns.

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