Benefits of Deepening a Water Well

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Water well deepening is a home improvement project that often gets shoved aside. Many residents of Tampa, FL don’t think to schedule regular maintenance for their wells until something goes wrong. Everyone who draws their water supply from a well should consider these benefits of well deepening.

Maintain a consistent water supply

Well deepening is recommended for homes and businesses that heavily rely on underground water tables as their main source. Shallow wells dry up when they’re constantly pumped, especially if water is drawn out faster than it can be replenished. Deepening a well increases the water capacity and prevents it from drying out.

Homeowners should consider deepening their water wells if they live in areas that frequently suffer from droughts and water shortages. A reliable water supply is necessary year round and should remain consistent even during times of drought. Water well deepening is one method to increase your overall water supply.

Pump clean drinking water

A deeper well is less likely to harbor waterborne contaminants. Wells that aren’t deep enough draw their supply from water tables that are closer to the Earth’s surface. Topsoil absorbs runoff that contains fertilizer, animal waste and chemical cleaners. Such contaminants eventually make their way into your water supply if you have a shallow well.

It’s highly recommended that water wells reach a depth of at least 50 feet—otherwise, they run the risk of being too shallow. Older wells might be less than 50 feet deep if they were constructed before this guideline was set in place. Schedule a test with your local well drilling expert in Tampa, FL to see if you would benefit from water well deepening.

Well deepening saves you money

Those who are less knowledgeable about the subject might assume that shallow water wells are no longer usable and must be shut down for good. The truth is that drilling experts can easily deepen wells that are already in place. The process is much cheaper than paying for a completely new well and lets you continue to draw water from your current source.

Increase the water well yield

Drilling experts deepen water wells that produce a low yield. Water well yield is a measure of how quickly the well replenishes after its supply has been drawn out. Wells that produce a high yield maintain a consistent water level even while they’re being pumped. On the other hand, a low yield occurs when the water level is quickly drawn down.

Well deepening improves access to underground water tables and replenishes the water well much faster, ensuring your water supply never runs low. If you’re experiencing problems with your water supply, the drilling experts in Tampa, FL might recommend a water well yield test.

There could be an underlying issue with your well water quality that has escaped notice over the years. The only way to make sure your well is in top shape is by scheduling regular maintenance with Advanced Pump & Well Service. We offer a comprehensive range of well drilling services so you can enjoy a fresh, reliable water supply. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

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