How to Choose the Right Well Water Pump

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A well is the only way for 15 million American households to get running water. But simply digging out a well doesn’t help get the water from the ground to the house. For that, you need a working well pump that draws water up from the well and helps carry it into the home.

It’s important to note that not all well pumps are created equal, and every pump can’t meet every household’s needs. This post will teach you about the different types of pumps and some of the types of well repair needs you might encounter in Tampa, FL.

Well depth

The first consideration for your well pump is the kind of well you have. The three main types of wells are dug wells, driven wells and drilled wells. Dug wells extend 30 feet or less, driven wells go down to about 50 feet and drilled wells can go down hundreds of feet below ground. For a well that’s less than 30 feet, you’ll need a shallow well pump. Anything deeper than that requires a deep well pump.

Types of well pumps

Now that you know whether you need a shallow or deep well, it’s time to choose which type of pump you need. Here are the main pumps available to choose from:

  • Centrifugal pumps: A centrifugal pump generates suction power by rotating an internal fan. Unlike other pumps, these units are housed on the outside of the well, which can make maintenance and well repair in Tampa, FL quite a bit easier. However, centrifugal pumps typically don’t have enough suction power for wells deeper than 25 feet.
  • Submersible pumps: As the name suggests, submersible pumps are installed underwater, deep inside the well. Since they’re housed in the well itself, these pumps are great for any depth. A submersible pump rarely requires any repairs, but if it does malfunction, fishing it out of the well can be a tedious and expensive repair job.
  • Jet pumps: A jet pump is the most sophisticated and powerful pump on the market. It’s capable of delivering more water at a faster rate than either of the types mentioned above. Jet pumps can be used for both shallow and deep wells, so they’re a good fit for any property. Although they do have a higher upfront cost, they’re cheaper to service long term than a submersible pump.

Well pump sizing

Finally, you need to pick the right size pump for your household. A pump that’s too small won’t deliver enough water during peak hours, while a pump that’s too big will be a waste of electricity. A pump that delivers between six to 12 gallons per minute is typically perfect for a single-family home. Talk to your well pump technician to ensure you’re getting the right pump for your family.

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