Why Is Well Maintenance So Important?

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Rural homeowners who aren’t connected to the city water system rely on personal wells to get their running water. For the most part, these wells provide all of the water their household could need without any troubles.

Unlike city dwellers, people with wells need to schedule well maintenance in Tampa, FL to ensure they don’t run into any issues. If you have a well, keep reading to learn why you should schedule well maintenance.

Health and safety

The top reason to have your well inspected and maintained is to ensure the water is safe to use. There are all sorts of different harmful contaminants that can pollute a well and make drinking the water dangerous. Having your well inspected and the area tested for these pollutants sets your mind at ease, so you know you’re not in harm’s way.

Catch problems early

Cracks, mechanical malfunctions and other issues with your wall are nearly impossible to detect unless you hire someone to perform a full inspection. During maintenance, your technician will look for any early signs of problems and correct them before they turn into colossal headaches that cost a ton of money to fix.

Environmental concerns

Soil salination and methane migration are two of the common environmental issues associated with water wells. When soil salination occurs, the water table levels drop and salt begins to accumulate. This process dries out the ground and harms nearby vegetation. Methane migration is when the water becomes contaminated with methane. The methane gas displaces oxygen and can lead to an explosion. The best way to prevent environmental problems like these is with regular well maintenance in Tampa, FL.

How often should I schedule professional maintenance?

We recommend calling a professional to inspect and maintain your well at least once a year. During this inspection, your technician will look over your well for any signs of mechanical failure and correct them right away. The well will then be tested for cleanliness, and we’ll also perform tests to check for contaminants like bacteria, nitrates, arsenic and radon.

You may want to schedule more frequent inspections if you notice a change in the taste or appearance of your water. Additionally, if there are recurring cases of gastrointestinal illness in your family, call a professional for a well inspection—something might be wrong with the water.

What can I do to protect my well?

In addition to scheduling routine maintenance, you can prevent issues with your well and your drinking water by inspecting the cap for any imperfections and storing all hazardous materials far away from your well. You may also want to consult a professional to ensure your well, home and septic system are all far enough from each other to prevent any contamination.

Call our team to inspect your well today!

If it’s been a while since you’ve scheduled well maintenance in Tampa, FL, now is the perfect time to call the team at Advanced Pump & Well Service. We’ve been performing a full range of well services for customers since 1956, so you can trust that you’re in good hands when we’re on the job.

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