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Wells are essential for property owners who don’t have access to municipal water supplies, but they require some extra maintenance and effort to keep them in the best condition possible to supply clean water to property owners. Understanding more about routine well maintenance in Tampa, FL can help property owners keep their wells working more effectively, efficiently, safely and reliably. Keep reading to learn more about well maintenance and what it entails.

Tips for preventative well maintenance

Preventative well maintenance is essential when it comes to keeping a well in good working order. Without regular maintenance, well components will wear out more rapidly and require more frequent and extensive repairs over time. To save money on repairs and keep your water clean and free of contamination, it’s essential to take some steps to maintain your well.  Here are some of the most important aspects of well maintenance in Tampa, FL:

  • Regular mechanical tests: One of the most important things for well owners to do as part of routine well maintenance in Tampa, FL is conducting an annual mechanical test to check the operation and condition of mechanical components within a well. These tests are important when it comes to identifying issues with wells before they become major problems of the sort that cause wells to fail.
  • Routine well water testing: In addition to testing the mechanical components in your well, it’s also important to routinely test your well water for contamination and pollution. Test regularly for common types of contaminants, including coliform bacteria and nitrates. Monitor local water advisories and test for any additional contaminants or pollutants that might be common in your area.
  • Clear the area around the well: Any hazardous materials above the well might seep into the ground and contaminate your well water. With that in mind, make sure the area above the well is completely cleared of any potentially hazardous materials that might pollute your well water. This includes fertilizers, pesticides, automotive fluids and any other chemical mixtures that might seep into the water.
  • Check well layout and coverings: For wells to work safely, they must be placed properly, with enough separation from homes, waste systems and chemical storage. A well contractor can conduct a thorough inspection of a well to make sure it’s installed properly and with sufficient distance from potential sources of contamination. It’s also important to check well caps and coverings to make sure they are fitted securely onto the well.
  • Have older wells inspected: Most wells last about 20 years, so make sure to have older wells inspected to ensure they’re still in good working condition. If your well is no longer working safely or efficiently, have it replaced with a new well to provide a reliable source of clean water.

Schedule well maintenance in Tampa, FL

For professional well maintenance in Tampa, FL, reach out to the team at Advanced Pump & Well Service. We offer comprehensive well services, including 24-hour emergency repairs, to give our clients access to the services that they need at any time. Our team will provide routine maintenance and preventative repairs to keep your well running as reliably as possible for years to come. Give us a call today to find out more about what we have to offer.

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