Discolored Well Water: An Overview

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Discolored well water is never a good thing. It could signal the presence of rust or bacteria in your water. Different smells and colors usually signal different issues. It’s important to know the differences between these potential problems and how to take care of them. Read on for plenty of information on diagnosing and treating the discolored well water at your Tampa, FL home.

What causes discolored well water?

As mentioned above, there are several different things that can cause discolored well water. Rust-colored well water, for example, usually signals the presence of rust. A heavy presence of manganese or iron could cause rust-colored water as well. Rust in your well water isn’t always a cause for concern, though you’ll want to have your pipes checked as soon as possible when you notice an issue. Rusty pipes will only get worse over time.

Water well that’s turned black could signal several different things, including high concentrations of magnesium or heavily rusted pipes. Sometimes, mildew can cause black well water. No matter the cause, if your well water is black, you need to treat it as soon as possible.

Other colors that signal issues with your well include blueish green and cloudy white. If you’re noticing blueish-green well water, there’s probably a high concentration of copper. Copper can sometimes fall off pipes and get into the water supply. Cloudy water often means certain types of sediment have made their way into your water.

How to treat discolored well water

Treating your discolored well water can greatly depend on the cause of the issue. If rust is causing your discolored well water, for example, the best solution is usually having your pipes replaced.

While some people recommend faucet filters and similar products to treat discolored well water, it’s always best to have a professional offer their advice. Using certain chemicals and products may only worsen your issue, resulting in the need for expensive repairs. A reputable well service specialist in your area could easily test your water and diagnose the problem quickly.

Preventing discolored well water

Providing your well with proper maintenance is a great way of preventing many issues, including discolored well water. This means not storing hazardous materials near your well. These materials could include fertilizer, paint, motor oil and much more. If you’re performing yard maintenance, be aware of your well’s components. You don’t want to accidentally damage your well’s casing with a lawnmower or other piece of landscaping equipment.

It’s important to schedule routine maintenance with a reputable well service provider. During this check, they will test the water and make sure all components of your well are working properly. If any parts of your well need repairs, it’s best to take care of them as soon as you can.

Discolored well water is sometimes unnerving, but it’s usually easily treated. To treat your discolored well water, it’s best to contact a top-quality well service provider in Tampa, FL.

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