Well Pump Power Issues

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Your well’s pump is an intricate system that controls the pressure of water going into your home. If there’s an issue with your well pump, water may not be making its way into your home at all. It’s best to have a professional come take a look at your well if there’s a problem. However, there are ways to diagnose the issue on your own. Read on to learn about common pump power issues that almost any well in Tampa, FL could experience.

A pump that won’t turn off

Well pumps should turn off after reaching a certain pressure. If your pump refuses to turn off, there could be a number of issues. Sometimes, a broken water line or bad connector could cause the water pump to stay on. A faulty on/off switch could also be the problem. The solution to most of these issues is contacting a well service provider in your area. However, there are some issues that you could potentially take care of yourself.

If your pump isn’t shutting off, the cause might be something as simple as an appliance that hasn’t stopped running. Check to see if the toilets or sinks in your home have been accidentally left on and simply shut them off or make the repairs necessary to stop a persistent leak.

There’s no water

If there’s no water coming through your sink faucets, there’s probably an issue with your water pump. Since these pumps run on electricity, the most common cause of this problem is an electrical issue. Check the electrical box on your home and see if the water pump is switched off. If this is the case, switching the water pump on should take care of the problem. Other possible causes of no water in the home include a faulty tank and a broken pressure switch.

Pulsing water

Your water should come out in steady streams. If it’s pulsating, you may have an issue with your tank. Replacing a water tank is usually expensive, so it’s good to check with a professional in your area before purchasing one. A reputable well service provider can help determine whether you need a tank replacement, or if there’s a simpler solution you might be able to try.

Well pump maintenance tips

It’s important to take proper care of your well pump. This will help ensure it lasts a long time and encounters in minimal issues. One of the best things you can do for your pump, and your well as a whole, is having routine maintenance performed by a professional. Having a professional check your well pump from time to time will allow them to catch any and all problems before they turn into bigger and more expensive issues.

Well pump problems can happen every now and again, but they are usually easy to diagnose and repair. It’s important to not put off repairs if you’re having issues with your well pump.

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