Why Should I Consider Having My Well System Maintained?

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When you’re new to owning a water well, you might not realize just how much maintenance it requires. While wells can operate just fine for years on end, there may be hidden problems lurking underneath the surface. Even if you think it doesn’t need it, it’s smart to invest in regular well maintenance. Otherwise, you could run out of clean water when you least expect it.

What kind of well maintenance do I need?

According to the CDC, your well should get annual maintenance to check for the presence of contaminants. You’ll also want a well contractor to inspect the machinery and ensure everything is calibrated properly. Here’s a list of things that should happen during your annual well maintenance appointment:

  • Water quality: You should test your well water quality at least once per year, and after any major weather events (such as flooding, heavy rainfall, drought or other events that can hinder your water quality). Water quality tests will measure for the presence of coliform bacteria, nitrates or nitrites and other local contaminants, such as argon or radon. This will vary depending on your exact location.
  • Keeping a safe distance: Your well needs to be a safe distance away from your septic system, home, chemical storage facilities and any other hazardous chemicals, like paint. Improperly stored chemicals can seep into the groundwater supply and cause major health issues for your household.
  • Well cover: Your contractor will also ensure your well cover or cap is securely fastened and at least one foot above the ground. This helps keep out pests, wildlife and other contaminants.
  • Mechanical components: The mechanical components also need an inspection. Your well pump and pressure tank are crucial to well performance, and they need to be calibrated about once per year. If you’re having any problems with low water pressure, sputtering or other issues when you turn on the tap, tell your well contractor before the inspection so they’ll know to look for likely causes.
  • Potential decommissioning: After a certain amount of time, wells will no longer produce the same amount or quality of water they once did. This is usually after a couple of decades, but can happen at any time. If your well is at the end of its lifespan, you’ll need to safely decommission the well and drill a new one. Your well inspection contractor can give you an overview of the process.

When to schedule a well maintenance appointment

Although you should have your well inspected annually, there are a few other occasions where you may need to get it done earlier than anticipated. If you’re having trouble with water pressure, high electricity usage, changes in the odor or color of your water or there’s a major weather event, you should have your well maintained sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, if your entire household experiences gastrointestinal issues, discontinue your well water use and call for an emergency water testing appointment.

For well inspections, reach out to the team at Advanced Pump & Well Service today.

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