Three Types of Well Pumps to Consider

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When your home is too far away from municipal water systems, you’ll need to drill a well in order to have access to clean, drinkable water. Unlike the cartoons would suggest, modern wells don’t use buckets to draw up fresh water. Instead, they’re equipped with well pumps and pressure tanks so you get the same access to running water that you would if you had city water access.

When you schedule your well pump installation appointment, it’s important to have an idea of which well pump type you’d like to install. Here are three types of well pumps you should consider.

Submersible well pumps

This pump sits inside the well, under the water. It looks like a long metal cylinder, and draws water from the bottom of the pump unit (and the well) using a motor and a long flow sleeve. Once the water is drawn into the pump, it’s pushed out of the pump into a pitless adapter. This redirects the water into the horizontal water line, so it’s available to move into your home’s plumbing system at a moment’s notice.

Generally, submersible well pumps last for about 25 years without needing major repairs. They work best when your well is several hundred feet deep.

Single drop jet pumps

Single drop jet pumps do not sit in the well like submersible pumps. They’re usually housed above ground in a well house, or actually inside your home. Jet pumps use an impeller motor to create suction, which draws water up through a pipe in the well. The water is forced through a small opening (the jet) which increases the speed of the water. This, in turn, suctions more water up from the well. This is a good option if your well is relatively shallow (less than 25 feet deep). The water doesn’t have to travel too far to reach the storage tank.

Double drop jet pumps

Double drop jet pumps are good for deeper wells. They operate similarly to single drop pumps. The difference is that while the impeller motor is housed above ground, the jet assembly is dropped into the well. This allows the double drop jet pump to suck up more water from the well, which is helpful with the deeper distance.

Which well pump is right for you?

Choosing the right well pump is often based on how deep your well is, but there may be other factors that affect your choice. If you’re not sure what kind of well pump installation to choose, the experts at Advanced Pump & Well Service can help you make a selection. We’re familiar with the wells around the Tampa Bay area and know which are best suited for your particular property.

Whether you need help choosing the right well pump or just need professional, high-quality installation, we can help. Not only do we offer well pump installation, but we can drill your wells, perform service and repair and more. Call Advanced Pump & Well Service today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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