Why Is There Sediment in My Water?

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You may suspect that your well system is running low on water. You might assume the water source has run dry, but in reality, most of the time the problem actually lies with equipment that’s no longer functioning well. Experiencing low water pressure and having sand or sediment in your water can be frustrating.

Unfortunately, this type of problem isn’t going to resolve itself. Let’s take a look at emergency well repair and how you can get back to having proper water service.

Common causes of well water sediment

When sand or sediment shows up in your water, this can be a major problem. The abrasive nature of these substances can lead to clogging and cause damage to the well pump. You may need to replace fixtures or appliances if the issue goes untreated.

Some common causes of sediment in well water include:

  • Your well pump may be set too low in the well. Usually well pumps are set at 10 to 20 feet higher than the well base. When the pump is set down at the base, grit and sediment can get in.
  • Your well pump may be too large or powerful, which can lead to pulling sand from the aquifer. This will lead to deterioration of the well pump’s valves and sediment appearing in the water. If you suspect this is the case, it’s time to have a professional check it out.
  • Your well should be lined with steel, iron or PVC plastic in the well shaft. The well screen is a casing that allows water to enter while keeping out sand and grit. Over time, this screen may become damaged or corroded. If so, you’re likely to have issues with sediment in your water.

Other signs your well needs repair

Having grit, sand or sediment appear in your water is just one sign that your system needs professional attention. If your water suddenly has a bad taste, this could be the result of large-particle contaminants like mud infiltrating the well. If the water pressure seems significantly worse than usual, you’ll also want to call an emergency well repair service. Another sign of things going wrong is water coming out of the faucets in erratic spurts.

One thing you shouldn’t do is bring water to the well from another source. This could jeopardize the entire well and lead to contamination. Instead, call qualified and certified experts to come evaluate your well and get your water running again as quickly as possible.

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