What Is a Bedrock Well, and How Is It Constructed?

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Millions of people rely on wells to supply them with fresh water, but many people don’t know much about how wells work or about how many different types of wells there are. One of the most common types of wells is a bedrock well. These wells are known for high water production, and they can be a great option for many property owners. If you’re planning on digging a well on your property but you’re unsure about whether bedrock well installation is the right choice, keep reading to learn more about this type of well and the benefits it offers.

What is a bedrock well?

A bedrock well, as the name suggests, is a well that’s drilled deep underground into bedrock. These wells are sometimes referred to as artesian wells, and they are fairly common in the northeastern part of the United States. These wells extend down into the earth anywhere from 100 feet to 1,000 feet, depending on the particular features of the topography and geology of an area.

Bedrock well installation

Bedrock well installation is a complicated process that requires the skills and experience of a professional well technician. First, the area is assessed to determine the optimal placement for a bedrock well. Next, a drill is used to make a hole in the earth extending down to where the water will be drawn from. Once the hole is established, a casing is placed inside to prevent contamination of well water and to protect the mechanisms that are used to draw water up to the surface. Finally, a pump is installed to draw water up through the well.

Benefits of a bedrock well

There are a lot of benefits of installing a bedrock well. For one thing, these wells are known for producing high yields of water. In addition, bedrock wells have the capacity to produce high-quality water. Unfortunately, there are also some common problems with bedrock wells that property owners should be mindful of before installing one. For one thing, bedrock wells, like all wells, are susceptible to contamination. Certain regions are more likely to have particular water contamination issues, so be mindful of potential contaminants in your area before investing in well installation.

If you’re thinking about having a well installed, the way to determine which kind of well will be best for you is to arrange a consultation with a professional well technician. They will be able to assess your property and provide a recommendation based on your property and your needs to make sure you receive the best results possible.

Professional bedrock well installation

At Advanced Pump & Well Service, we know how difficult it can be to understand all the factors that go into well planning and installation, and our team is committed to ensuring a simple and straightforward process. No matter what your needs may be, our team is here to make the well drilling process seamless and successful. Give us a call today to find out more about our services and to request a consultation.

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