How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Well Water Pump

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Replacing your well water pump is a bit of a nightmare—not only because you’ll be without fresh water while waiting for delivery, but new installation can be expensive. For those reasons, you want your pump to last for as long as possible. Following these well maintenance steps can help ensure your pump lasts for well over a decade before needing to be replaced.

Upgrade the check valve

The check valve prevents water from flowing back through the line when the pump isn’t running. Without the check valve, that water could damage the pump and lead to pressure loss. Most pumps have built-in check valves, but they’re made of inexpensive plastic that’s liable to break. We recommend upgrading to a brass valve. They only cost about $20 and last for years without failing.

Add a torque arrestor

Your pump will start and stop thousands of times throughout its lifespan. Each time it starts, the startup torque twists the pump and pipe, which can damage the insulation around the wires. A torque arrestor clamps to the top of the pump where it meets the pipe and stops the installation from moving around. These devices can be purchased for $15 and add years to your pump’s lifespan while preventing repairs.

Use heat shrink tubing

Your pump will come with a few feet of wire to attach the pump to its power source, but depending on your pump’s location, you may have to splice a few extra feet of wire to power the pump. As part of your well maintenance, we recommend covering these spliced wires with protective heat shrink tubing. This inexpensive tubing protects your wires from the elements and reduces the risk of a short circuit.

Install a float switch

Low water levels mean big problems for your well pump. When the pump continues to run without any water, the motor could burn out rather quickly. This means making expensive repairs or installing a brand-new pump. The best defense against that issue is installing a float switch that detects low water levels and automatically shuts down the pump. These are available for less than $100, but you should have a professional install it.

Make repairs early

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is turning a blind eye to a failing well pump. Lower water pressure, rapid clicking sounds, spitting faucets and high energy bills are a few things to look out for. If you notice any of these signs, call a professional to repair your unit right away. Otherwise, you may need to replace it.

Hire a professional for yearly maintenance

The best way to extend your pumps lifespan is to hire a professional to check out your pump once a year. This annual maintenance visit will help ensure everything is running as it should and help detect any problems before they get out of hand.

What can our team do for you?

Whether you need new installation, emergency repairs or standard well maintenance, call our pros at Advanced Pump & Well Service. We offer an array of pump services to keep your fresh water flowing.

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