Well Pump Repair When Your House Isn’t Getting Water

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There are a variety of problems that may arise within your plumbing system that might make it necessary for you to seek out a professional who can handle your well pump repair. One such issue is if you’re simply not getting water coming through to your home.

There are a couple main issues that could be causing your well pump to not send water to your home. Let’s take a look at the most likely possibilities, each of which can be avoided or amended by prioritizing professional well pump maintenance or repair service.

Tripped circuit breaker

Whenever you’re having a problem with your well pump’s operation, especially if you’re not getting water to your home, your first step should be to check your breaker panel and see if the breaker to the pump is switched off.

If the breaker trips, it will shut off power to the well pump until you reset the breaker and turn the pump back on. Flip the breaker to the on position; make sure the pump is running; then go and check your fixtures to make sure you’re once again getting water flowing into your home.

Even if this solves the problem, you might consider having an electrician come by to check out the reason for the tripped breaker, especially if this isn’t the first time you’ve had this issue. A one-off breaker trip isn’t necessarily cause for concern, but if it’s a regular occurrence, there is an electrical issue in your home that you should resolve as soon as possible.

Low water level

This is an issue that’s most likely to manifest during the warmest parts of the year. During the hottest parts of summer, people tend to use more water around their home because there is reduced rainfall. For people who rely on well water, this increased water usage (and lower supply) could result in the well falling below the pump line.

If the water level is below the pump, the pump will not be able to send water to your home. To fix the problem, you could try limiting your water usage for several days to see if this will get the well naturally back up to the level of your pump. Otherwise, you may need to consider having a plumber get the pump down deeper into the well. This will include installing more piping to lower the lump and keep it submerged.

Keep in mind, though, that there are limitations to how low you can place certain pumps, so you’ll need to make sure your pump has sufficient power to bring the water up to your home and that you’re not getting so deep into the water that you’re sending sediment up along with it.

These are the most common reasons why a pump might not be sending water up to your home, but there are other possibilities. For more information about what sort of well pump repair you can perform to resolve these issues, contact us at Advanced Pump & Well Service.

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