Schedule Well Pump Repair When Your Utility Bills Skyrocket

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Have you started to notice your utility bills getting higher each month, far beyond historical levels for the season you’re in? There are a variety of issues that could lead to increased utility bills, including issues with a well pump.

The presence of higher electric bills—combined with other potential issues with well pump performance—could indicate you need to perform some well pump maintenance to bring those costs back down to reasonable levels. In many cases, the higher electric bills occur as a result of a pump that is constantly running.

Why does this happen? Here are the most common reasons.

The water level is low

In some of the warmer parts of the year, you might start to have issues with the water supply in your well. People tend to use more water around their property during the hottest parts of the summer because the temperatures are hot and the rainfall is likely to be lower.

This combination of increased usage and lower supply means your water level in your well will start to dip. If the level of water in your well falls below where your tank is installed, this will make it difficult for the pump to maintain the right pressure levels and suction, which could cause the pump to constantly run.

You can resolve this issue by cutting down on your water usage or calling a plumber to come and fix the issue, possibly by lowering your pump deeper into the well.

Your pump is malfunctioning

You might have a problem with a component of your well pump (such as a water leak, air leak or valve issue) that is causing the pump to run constantly, which, in turn, leads to higher utility bills.

If you’ve noticed potential signs of trouble with your pump, you should have a professional plumber come to your property as soon as possible to inspect the pump. They’ll need to shut down the system and pull the pump out of the water to carefully inspect it. This is not a job you can or should take on yourself, as you could worsen the problem or unwittingly create a safety issue.

Your pressure switch is malfunctioning

Sometimes the problem is not with the pump itself but with the pressure switch, which is mounted on the storage tank. A faulty pressure switch or gauge could cause constant operation of the pump, which could result in the pump burning out.

Once again, this is an issue for a plumbing professional to investigate. It may be an issue with the contact points on your pressure switch being burned or pitted, which can be resolved by buffing the contact points with sandpaper or a nail file. This will typically solve the problem enough to restore operation. More thorough repair strategies will need to be performed by a professional.

For more information about the kinds of well pump repair that can solve problems with a constantly running pump, contact us at Advanced Pump & Well Service.

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