My Well System Seems to Be Working Fine. Why Should I Consider Having It Maintained?

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Owning a property that gets groundwater means you have easy access to a reliable water source. However, water wells require proper maintenance for consistent, high-quality water production. Despite having over 15 percent of Americans depending on well systems for their water needs, there is no law regulating domestic wells. That means you’re responsible for maintaining and monitoring your water well.

So, should you maintain your water well even if it is working fine? After how long should you hire a professional to inspect and test the water? What’s the importance of deep well maintenance?

Should I Consider Having My Well Maintained Even If it’s Working Fine?

Well systems can go for a long time without needing any maintenance. In fact, you might never notice a problem until you or someone in your home falls sick or your pump stops working. If you fail to maintain your well system regularly, you’re likely to experience challenges in water generation, taste, and energy usage. Excessive wear and tear of the system’s components may lead to damage and safety concerns. It’s also possible that you may not know when contaminants make their way to your taps.

Benefits of Yearly Well Maintenance

  • Safety: Well maintenance is important in ensuring that water flow is consistent, especially in areas that experience drought or low rainfall levels. 
  • Quality water: When you maintain your well system, you can be sure you’re using quality and clean water. Professionals will test the water for contaminants such as coliform. They can also check the water pH, minerals, organisms, and other solids to ensure it is safe for drinking.
  • Prolong pump’s lifespan: Pumps must be serviced frequently to prevent damage, low water levels, clogged minerals, and water leaks.

Can I Perform Well Maintenance by Myself, or Should I Call a Professional?

Most people feel like they can handle most water well problems on their own, especially those looking to cut costs. If you’re experienced with your well system, you can save significantly if you perform maintenance yourself. However, we highly recommend hiring a professional to conduct a thorough inspection, perform the water well repair, and provide advice for caring for and maintaining the well. It’s essential to understand that most water wells don’t come with instruction manuals, making it difficult to check or repair the well system.

How Often Should I Maintain My Water Well?

Your water systems should be inspected at least once every year and anytime you experience challenges such as a change in water odor, taste or appearance, loss of water pressure, strange noises, clicking sounds, air spurts in the water, or high energy bills. Some issues can be minor, while others may require skilled professionals to get the job done. Annual maintenance helps you track problems and schedule repairs before they become too expensive.

Get Your Well Checked by Your Local Leading Water Well Specialist

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