When Should I Consider Calling in a Professional To Look at My Well System?

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A well can be a reliable water source as long as it is maintained to ensure you receive high-quality water throughout the year. Many people who own private wells are often reluctant to schedule professional services for their wells until there is a problem with the water. Maintenance provides you with peace of mind that your water is safe and your well system operates at an optimal level. If you’re wondering when to call a professional to check your well system, this article will provide all the answers you may be seeking about well maintenance.

Does My Well Need Maintenance?

Yes. Like any other system in your home, your well needs to be checked frequently to ensure it provides consistent, high-quality water throughout the year. Wells are prone to contaminants if left unchecked for too long. Over time, impurities and hazardous chemicals may find their way into the well, leading to safety and health concerns. The pump and other mechanical components of the well also undergo wear and tear. If ignored, the faulty system may ultimately break down, leading to costly well pump repair. As such, your well needs constant inspection and maintenance.

When Should I Consider Calling a Professional to Check My Well System?

You should get your system checked at least once every year. Water well problems often happen if the well is poorly maintained. In most cases, you can handle most minor repairs, but an expert should address significant issues. Ignoring signs of damage or postponing your water well system repair will eventually lead to costly repairs or, worse, losing your water altogether. Apart from annual inspection, you should consider hiring a professional to check your well system if:

You Notice Changes in the Water

If you notice some changes in the water taste, odor, or color, you should call your water specialists to check the well and determine the cause. In the meantime, avoid using the water and wait until you get a go-ahead from your specialist.

One or Several Members of Your Family Develops Gastrointestinal Illness

The chance of your well water getting contaminated depends on where the well is located and other environmental factors. If you or other family members experience gastrointestinal illness, it may be time to get your well checked. The water could be contaminated by hazardous chemicals or materials such as pesticides, fertilizers, and motor oil.

The System Makes Strange Noises or Clicking Sounds

If your well system is making strange noises, the system could be faulty. The problem could be the pump, water line, or tank. You can call your well specialist to check where the noises are coming from and fix or replace the worn-out parts.

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