What Is the Tank in My basement? Is This the Well Pump?

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Most people using well water hardly know much about wells. This can result in many questions, especially if you wake up one day and there is no water in your home. The best thing to do is to get in touch with a professional and let them handle it for you. A trusted well professional will come and inspect the well and if you need well repair, let you know. The article below answers some questions you may have about wells.

What Is the in My Basement? Is This The Well Pump?

The tank is simply a water storage tank. The holding tank stores water until it runs out, then signals the pump to turn on. The pump, usually located in the well, will then draw water from the well, refill the storage tank and turn off after the storage tank is full. This ensures that the pump does not have to turn on each time you flush the toilet or get a drink of water. If you have a bigger storage tank, you are at an advantage. That is because the frequency of the pump working is reduced, and this can extend its life.

Water storage tanks have two parts. At the top, it is the air chamber holding air pressure, and at the base, there is the water diaphragm for water storage. If the air chambers lose their air pressure, the diaphragm might overextend, hence getting damaged and causing the water tank to fail. Well pumps that are on all the time because the tank failed do not rest, which means they can burn themselves up. The major cause of pumps burning up prematurely is failed storage tanks. You can prevent this by regularly maintaining your system. But if the pump is already damaged, you can contact a professional for well pump repair.

Importance of Well System Maintenance

Even when your well system is working fine, you should still consider professional maintenance checks. If you do not perform system maintenance, you will not know whether some components have experienced wear and tear. Unfortunately, worn-out parts lead to high energy usage, translating to a higher electric bill. Plus, you will only be reducing the life span of your pump. Maintenance helps fix issues early before they become bigger problems that lead to premature pump failure.

When Should You Call a Professional To Check Your Pump?

Get a professional to check your water well system at least once a year. Also, if you experience the following, call a professional:

  • Loss of water pressure
  • An unusual high electricity bill
  • Strange noises from the system
  • Change in appearance or odor of the water

Although these issues may seem minor, still have them checked. If you do not address them, you may end up with a costly repair.

To address any of the issues mentioned above, contact Advanced Pump & Well Service. We provide scheduled maintenance, repairs, and 24-hour emergency service. Do not allow issues with the water well tank or pump to cause any inconvenience in your home. Call us and we will solve the issue.

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