How To Choose The Right Well Pump

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Most people globally rely on well water for their home needs. Wells are made of different sizes and depths, so it is crucial to find the right pump for your well to keep your water flowing at any given time. Equipping your well with the correct pump increases efficiency and reduces any expenses and costs that might arise in the future.

If you are using a well pump in your home, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the different types of pumps available, how well pumps work, and choosing the right pump for your well and your needs. Additionally, pump costs are also a key factor to consider. Here is everything you need to know about well pumps.

Well Pump Installation

Wells pump installations vastly depend on the type of well you have. There are three types of wells, submersible, centrifugal, and jet well pumps. These wells require different installation pump techniques due to their varying depths and sizes.

For instance, the centrifugal pump is applicable for shallow wells of approximately 25 deep feet. The centrifugal pump moves water using a centrifugal force. The installation process of centrifugal pumps involves:

  • Laying a solid foundation on the wall unit
  • Vertically mounting the pump on the well
  • Field proper alignment of the pump
  • Proper piping alignment to avoid excessive strain on the pump system
  • Adequate wiring of the pump system
  • Proper orientation of rotation of the centrifugal pump
  • Priming to ensure smooth flow of water
  • Starting the pump and ensuring the motor reaches full speed

On the other hand, submersible pumps are applicable on shallow and deep wells. They are the most prevalent water pumps due to their flexibility and low repair and maintenance costs. Here is an installation guide for the submersible well pump.

  • Top up the submersible motor with water and an anti-corrosive liquid
  • Waterproofing the submersible motor
  • Constantly checking the direction of rotation of the motor
  • Carefully coupling the submersible motor and pump
  • Proper electrical installation
  • Electrical control panel to balance voltage 

Last, a jet water pump is the most potent and sophisticated well pump than submersible and suitable centrifugal pumps. They can also be used at wells of all depths. There are two models of jet pumps, including the single drop and double drop models. 

The single drop model applies to shallow wells, while the double drop model applies to deep wells. During installation, the jet pump motor must stay above the ground. 

Best Pump for Deep Wells

The best pumps for deep wells include the submersible and jet well pumps. These pumps work best in wells of 110 to 400 feet deep. However, the double drop jet pump is the most appropriate and applicable for deep wells. 

The deep well jet pumps become inefficient if the well is dry since it works by pushing the water up from depths to 110 feet. Also, it uses the suction at the jet to lift water to the pump system and delivers it to the house.

For well deeper than 110 feet to 400 feet, it is advisable to use the submersible well pump. However, they work only if the submersible pump is fully submerged in water. Also, submersible well pumps are less vulnerable to mechanical issues, more reliable, and can deliver water in the house more efficiently than jet well pumps. 

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