Why Do I Have Poor Tasting and Smelling Water From My Well?

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There are many benefits to having well water as your primary source. However, you must remember to conduct proper well maintenance. If not, you could end up with water that tastes and smells horrible. These are some common reasons for well water stench and a bad taste:

Organic Material Penetration

Organic materials can infiltrate the pipes and raise the levels of cadmium and barium. This can cause your well water to have a foul and fishy taste to it. Generally, these elements don’t cause harm to people who drink the water. However, you may need to use carbon filters to balance the water quality. 

Bad Bladder Tank

The well bladder tank may be the culprit if your water tastes disgusting. The tanks are designed to store clean water and keep it fresh so you can use it in the home. One of the signs of a bad bladder tank is cloudy or dirty water that doesn’t taste good. You must check the bladder tank or have a professional person inspect it if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above. 

Extra Iron in the Water

Your water might have a musty smell because of its high iron content. Iron levels can rise when the rain falls heavily. Rusty and corroded plumbing can also cause the iron content in your well water to rise. This iron can cause many problems, aside from a bad taste or smell.

You may also notice bright-colored stains on your appliances, and the water might stain your hair and nails. In severe situations, your pipes may clog. Drinking low levels of iron isn’t usually dangerous to your health. However, large amounts may be toxic to your body. Water softeners and filters can help you remove it from your water. 

Sulfur Bacteria

Minerals with sulfur can get into your well after it rains. The presence of such sulfur should concern you because it means waste bacteria is present. Problems such as diarrhea and dehydration can occur when you ingest sulfur in your well water. Furthermore, your pipes can get corroded from it.

You can use three processes to rid your well water of sulfur. Adding chlorine bleach will jolt the well and cause it to remove the odors. Aeration requires the use of a tank system, and a professional can do that for you. Adding chlorine is an additional method you can use to eliminate sulfur.

High Magnesium or Calcium

Your water might have a dusty and unfavorable taste if it has high levels of calcium and magnesium. Water softeners are products that can reduce the content of these materials. You can find them in various stores and use them to restore the integrity of your well system. 

Contact a professional inspector if you suspect any water problems. After you get your well water normalized, you should schedule annual well water checks to ensure that everything is in excellent condition. Specialists can perform the necessary well maintenance and water well repair shortly after they diagnose the problem. 

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