How Long Does It Take To Drill a Well?

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Having a private well at home means gaining complete control over your water supply. You don’t have to worry about usage restrictions or unexpected shut-offs. A private well can also be an attractive asset that drives up a home’s value.

Before you decide to get your own well, you need to understand what that entails. For instance, do you know how long well drilling will take? Find out the answer to that question and learn about other relevant topics by continuing with this article.

How Long Does Well Drilling Take?

How long will it take for a professional company to finish drilling your private well? There are two ways to answer that question.

If you’re just talking about the actual water well drilling, the process is relatively short. The drilling may take around four to six hours.

Now, if you want to know how long the installation of the private well will take from pre-installation up to the point where you can get clean water, that will take a while. The timeline for that entire project may span two weeks.  

Breaking Down the Private Well Installation Process

To better understand why private well installation takes as long as it does, we need to discuss the phases involved. 

The Pre-Installation Phase

You cannot just start drilling on your property right away if you want a private well. Before you get to that point, you need to complete the pre-installation phase.

The pre-installation phase involves identifying the right spot for the private well. The drilling company you hired can tell you where your private well should go.

Once a spot is selected, you will need to secure permits for your project. Your professional partners can also help you secure those necessary permits.

More often than not, the length of the pre-installation will depend on how quickly the permits are released. If things go well, the permits may be available in just a couple of days. Unfortunately, the release of the permits may also take up to a week.

The Drilling Phase

Next up is the drilling phase. During this phase, the professionals will use a power drill to create an opening 100 feet deep in the ground.

Depending on your property’s characteristics, this process may be completed in around four hours. Even if your property does not present ideal conditions, this part of the process should still be completed in about six hours or so.

The Installation Phase

The installation stage involves pouring the cement to serve as the base of your well along with installing the necessary pieces of equipment. This phase of the project ends when your well is sealed.

Installing your private well will take about one to two days.

The Testing Phase

With the private well installed, you just need to check if the water coming from it is safe to use. Water testing takes around two to three days. Don’t skimp on water testing because doing so could jeopardize your health.

Drilling a private well requires a significant time commitment, but it will be worth it in the end. You can solve many of your water supply-related woes by drilling that private well.

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