How Often Should Well Water Be Tested?

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A private well can be a valuable asset to your home, but that’s only true if you take good care of it. Now that you’ve established a separate water source for your household, it is your job to ensure that it is supplying only clean water.

To ensure that your private well produces clean water, you must have it installed by a reputable company. Look for a trusted service in your area and entrust the installation to them.

Moving forward, you also have to keep close tabs on your private well by regularly checking the water quality. How often will water testing be needed? You can learn the answer to that question and other important topics by reading on.

How Often Should Well Water Testing Be Conducted?

Although a private well can be a terrific addition to your home, it does also saddle you with more responsibilities. Chief among your responsibilities is regularly checking the quality of your well water.

So, how often do you need to check that?

Annual checking is the bare minimum for your private well. Examining the quality of your well water at least once per year is recommended for a few reasons.

For starters, you should pay for annual testing because you cannot predict how your private well will age.

Private wells have an expected lifespan of around 40 years. However, they are not guaranteed to stay in good condition for that long. A private well can have issues early on in its lifespan due to improper installation or external factors. Detecting those issues as early as possible is crucial to preserving your family’s health.

Regular testing also gives you a snapshot of your water quality. If the quality of the water coming from your private well changes significantly in just one year, there may be external issues causing that. You may be able to use those test results as evidence if you decide to pursue litigation.

Is Well Water Testing More Than Once a Year Necessary?

Testing a private well’s water supply once a year should suffice in most situations. That said, you shouldn’t feel limited by that recommendation. You can have your well water tested more than once if you suspect that something is amiss.

If you’ve noticed that your tap water now has a strange flavor and/or odor, you should identify the root cause of that. Testing will help in that regard.

Additional testing is also a good idea as a precautionary measure. Get your well water tested if something in your neighborhood could affect your private well or if someone in your household needs access to contaminant-free water at all times.

When Is the Best Time To Get Your Well Water Tested?

The ideal time to conduct well water testing is around spring or early summer. Contaminated water is more abundant during this time and the chances of those unwanted substances entering your supply are significantly increased.

Test during that time so you can be certain that the supply coming from your private well remains clean even amidst those unfavorable conditions.

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