Signs That Your Well Is Having Problems

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Wells are a reality for many homes. If you have a well, there are some signs you need to watch out for to ensure that your well will work and that it will keep working for you.

Common Signs of Well Problems

There are a few problems with wells that you need to think about and that you need to watch out for when using your well. First, if you are pumping air, or the overall water yield you are used to has reduced, you may be dealing with issues. Another thing to look for is if your well is pumping up sediment or dirt. This can mean that the well is running dry.

If you notice that there is a strange smell from the water that you are pumping, this may indicate that there is something wrong with it as well. If the water quality has changed or there is a strange flavor, you might be dealing with contamination or something like dissolved gasses in the well.

If you notice that your power bill is up, this can indicate that the well is having to work harder. If you ever notice that there are any issues with your well, it is crucial that you get the help you need to inspect the well and ensure that you are getting safe and clean water from it.

What To Do If You Have Well Problems

The first thing that you need to do is to take the time to find out if there is an actual problem with the well. This means looking at the well or having it inspected, and ensuring that a professional will be able to help you figure out the problem. Taking the time to get a professional out will help you spot the problem, and actually get your well repairs underway.

After getting your well inspected, you need to start the repair process. The sooner you get your well taken care of, the better. If you are dealing with well problems, having a professional come in and make a repair plan can make all the difference and help you get your well back in working order.

Advanced Pump & Well Service is available around the clock for well emergencies. Or, call us today to schedule a time to inspect your well so we can catch problems before they become emergencies.

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