What You Should Expect When Your Well Is Inspected

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Wells are something that many homes need, and ensuring that your well is working properly can make all the difference. Taking the time to get your well inspected can help you get better water quality overall, it can help you get safer water, and it can help you to ensure that your well is working properly. 

What To Expect With Well Inspections

The first thing you should expect when you are getting a well inspection is that the professional will take a water sample. This is the first step in any inspection because it will give the inspector an idea about the water that comes from the well and what problems might be present.

The water samples will be tested for things like high mineral content, gasses that might be present, any toxic things that might be present, and also things like deteriorating water quality that might end up making your water less than safe to drink or use.

The next thing you can expect is that your inspector will look at the well’s condition. They will also check the walls, vents, storage tank, caps and more to ensure that they are working properly. This ensures that the well will work the way that you need it to and keep providing you with safe and clean water.

Well Inspections Expectations

The overall range of your well inspection will vary depending on the problems you are dealing with. If you notice that there is an issue with the water quality, the inspector is going to focus on that. If they are dealing with issues with the actual structure, that is where the focus will be.

An inspector is going to take the time to talk to you and figure out what issues are present, and they will be able to talk with you about what problems you are dealing with. It is always best to be very clear and straightforward with your inspector about what issues you are dealing with and what concerns you have so that they can adjust your inspection to focus on the issues that you have.

It is so important that you take the time to talk with your inspector about what you need to have checked out for the best overall results and for the best overall inspection possible.  

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