3 Most Common Causes of Well Pump Failure

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Well pumps are machines that pump water from a well directly into a storage tank to be used when needed. Well pumps use a pressure tank system that drives water from the storage tank or reservoir into your home’s plumbing.

How Do Well Pumps Work?

As the water pumps into your tank, there is an increase in air pressure until it gets to a particular, set level. After reaching this point, air pressure pushes the water through the home’s plumbing system.

Air quality decreases as you use the water in your tank. The pump turns itself back on when the air pressure drops to a particular point. This ensures you have the water always ready when you need it.

Well pumps typically come in many types, but the most common are submersible and jet well pumps. Submersible pumps work underneath the ground. They use pressurized water to pump water to the ground surface and into a storage tank.

Jet pumps are positioned above the ground. They pull water above the ground using a motor and a suction pipe.

Common Causes of Well Pump Failure

When your well pump has a problem, you can’t access the freshwater you depend on. So it’s essential to be familiar with and understand pump problems fast and efficiently.

Below are the 3 most common causes of well pump failure.

Water Quality 

Water quality is one of the common causes of a well pump failure. Your well pump can fail ahead of time if your water quality is poor.

Minerals can block the pump causing it to suffer exhaustion. Bacteria can also accumulate a slime that can cause blockage to the mechanics. The well liner should be checked, as that’s your best protection against corrosion.

Dry Well 

When there is drought, many water wells run dry. The water level goes down, and the pump can’t draw enough water. This can quickly cause damage to the impeller and diffuser, destroying the pump quickly. It also makes the seal rubbers dry off and crack, allowing water into the motor.

You can install a low water cutoff switch which helps to sense when the water level is low. This will prevent the well pump from getting damaged and burning out.

Well Tank 

A well tank is usually positioned in your home’s basement. It holds the water that has been pumped into your home.

A small well tank that doesn’t meet your family’s requirements can cause your pump to keep running for a long time to keep it full. If it pumps too much, the well pump can prematurely burn out. To avoid this, you can install a bigger well tank to protect your well pump.

Where To Get Help

For all your well pump needs, contact Advanced Pump & Well Service. We have around-the-clock emergency services in central Florida. We specialize in numerous areas, including jet and submersible well pump services, water well tanks, water filtration systems, and pool pumps.

We are experts in all models of well pumps. No problem is difficult for us. Visit us online or call us at (352) 754-3026 or (888) 754-3026 (toll-free) for anything you need. 

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